Tuesday, March 01, 2011

PLEASE SHARE - 10 of 12 political prisoners were executed in Urumia prison on Sunday morning, 2 of them where women...

Via Freedom and Democracy for Iran. A google translation of the Persian,
10 out of 12 prisoners who were supposed to be executed were hanged.

According to the reports to the Campaign for the Defense of Political Prisoners in Iran ethnic groups, Sunday night, March 8 at the Central Prison Urmia 10 of 12 political prisoners who were supposed to be executed were hanged.

The prisoners in the early hours of Sunday night's central prison were executed and Urmia their bodies to their families was delivered. Two of these women are prisoners of their identity is not known so far.

Identity of three of those executed a campaign to defend political prisoners in Iran has reached tribes are as follows:

1 Hamid Bahadori, Village fence Urmia region Brandyzy

2 Sayyad Mrabad Ansari from Urmia region

3 B. Hnarh from Urmia region Bradvst

It is noteworthy that last night the people informed of Urmia This protest rally in front of the city's governor had.

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