Thursday, March 10, 2011

Revolution nostalgia March 11 Saudi Arabia ثورة حنين 11 مارس السعودية

Via FaceBook... watch tomorrow.

Arabic to English translation

People want to overthrow the regime (the revolution of nostalgia March 11) 6 spring the other

What do we want
• the governor and members of the Shura Council, elected by the people
• be a fully independent judiciary and authority to all persons and fields
• Cancellation of the political detective and security is in the service of the people fully
• the release of all political prisoners and prisoners of civil rights and the payment of their debt.
... • allow freedom of expression and assembly and the judiciary to make the reference in the prevention of any activity
• the appointment of the Secretary's strong in all facility services and to provide the required budgetary
• the extreme categories of community groups such as orphans, widows and people with special needs
• abolition of all fees and taxes imposed on the citizen unjustified
• impose the minimum wage so as to ensure SR 10 000 per employee in the private sector and public
• employment of the unemployed in all directions possible, and can be hired including hardly need to support financially stretched out his hand for
• the abolition of all obligations and government debt on the people and the abolition of taxes and charges is unjustified
• Solve problems and equity contributions and compensation of the citizens through funds who robbed
• the abolition of all forms of special privileges and immunity of any person, except what was a legitimate distinction
• the establishment of an independent watchdog carried out a project to eradicate corruption and to prevent any current corrupt new
• held a foreign policy on the fundamentals of the nation and its interests and defining the functions of ambassadors, on this basis
• rebuild the armed forces recruiting and training can be recruited and trained and to ensure that the required reinforcement
• Reform of the scientists put a mixture of a fully independent social force
• the abolition of all illegal restrictions on women and the provision of protected campaigns of alienation

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