Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Syrian Rebel Movement حركة الثوار السوري

A new Syrian FaceBook Group.

Arabic to English translation

Kayvara Revolutionary Call Call: Movement Althoaralsori ____ down on Friday to Umayyad Square, some groups will stay in separate areas within the Sham underpinned the correctness Umayyad and also was an agreement with all provinces to join and also with the young Kurds, who are in the areas of Johann, Dirk and Kobani and his column, Aleppo Logically Bmazahry great to achieve our demands, namely: 1_ abolition of the state of emergency in Syria 

2_ abolition of special courts 

3_ independence of the judiciary completely independent 

4_ release all prisoners of conscience 

5_ cancel or likeness of any law criminalizing the person because of what he writes or says (claim to freedom of opinion) 

6_ formation of a permanent judicial Chraeip Commission for the Protection of developmental decisions of the President of the Government and the People's Assembly Estgl laws even one for taking decisions and implementing them in order to serve their interests and not the interests of the people 

7th President of the government be directly elected by the people and the only session on the internal work of development and some overseas and is elected every four years and two terms only, but allows him to extend to the other only if Xi mapped concrete and it was the completion of the currency and allow him to enter the elections in the period after which either President of the Republic he only two to every five years and the cycle is the role of performance monitoring political, economic and diplomatic work with other countries and the Government Accountability 

8_ law legislation liberties and personal touches include the development of each and transactions between people and the powers of other popular sovereignty and the Rear is the first between individuals and be a watchdog on employers sovereign people in their dealings with the people, to equality between him and them 

9_ no choice Syrian armed forces to the five-member People's Assembly to represent them in a military commission shall be entrusted with all things military, the Chairman of the Committee is the ruling military
10_ choose the device policeman to five members to represent the People's Assembly
11_ Council is the people that vote of confidence in the Prime Minister or head of state nor head of state can dissolve parliament never Alavi case of military aggression and the suit is only partially reduce any of its members 

12_ formation of the Parliament of my youth will be under the supervision of the People's Assembly is not subject to any governmental entity and be supervised under the master of its people and the Council is assisting the Government and the People's Assembly in the development of future plans and to discuss problems and solutions are presented for discussion in the corridors of the People's Assembly 

13_ solve the Constitution and the formation of a new constitution in line with the development of the legitimate to the aspiration of young people and taking all Alaattabrat from the experiences of developed countries and taking into account the books Alsmoawip because it is the best constitutions in the ground and in the forefront of the Koran and also all the recommendations, which will be released later as consistent with the aspirations of the future 
14 - change in the head Republic: 14 - to resign from formal Bashar al-Assad, 
15 - the formation of an investigative committee of independent personalities accountable for crimes committed during the period of peaceful demonstrations (Syrian guerrilla movement) Kayvara Revolutionary - Glory and eternity for the martyrs - Down with the corrupt regime (Bashar al-Assad)

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