Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Syrians are on the Move

A Press release via the Reform Party of Syria,
Dara'a. A video of another Syrian killed today in Dara'a. No names yet.
Women of Syria. Several prisoners who have been arrested lately in Damascus are on hunger strike, including Ms. Suhair Atassi. Ms. Atassi has become the symbol of this revolution with her courage and determination. Another, Ms. Herven Ossi was transported to the hospital today suffering from malnutrition. There are unconfirmed reports surfacing that even on hunger strike, they have been subjected to cruel treatment and in some cases beatings by the Assad thugs. Today, Ms. Mountaha Bacha al-Atrash was arrested after appearing on BBC to decry the regime's violence against its own people in her capacity as the head of a Syrian Human Rights organization. She is the youngest daughter of Sultan Bacha al-Atrash, a Druze hero who fought the French and the Ottomans.
Member of Parliament. The Assad regime arrested Sheikh Soufok Faisal al-Nojrous, a member of the parliament, for standing by the people of Dara'a. Sheikh Nojrous happens to be an important member of the largest of tribes, the Oukaidat tribe, known for their combative and fierce nature. Our bet is on Oukeidat if its people rise.
Aleppo. Underage young men arrested and tortured for standing by the people of Dara'a. They are: Mosab Sheikh Ameen (14 yrs), Abdullah Ameen (17 yrs), Saleh Abu Galon (18yrs), Rafeh Abu Galon (16yrs). Mosab's mother saw him full of blood, even in his underpants. THEIR PARENTS ASKED TO SPEAK TO ANY ARAB TV NETWORK.
UN Human Rights. The Commission in Geneva asked the Assad regime to investigate the killings in Dara'a with transparency and independence. Might as well ask a Frenchman not to drink wine.
Facebook and Twitter. The Syrian security is forcing all the detainees to divulge the id's and passwords to their Facebook and Twitter accounts to control to whom and what they sent. This will expand their gauntlet to include thousands more of young Syrians who may be at risk of being arrested.

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