Sunday, March 06, 2011

That Clara Barton District Executive Forced Out by UUA and Madison Wisconsin

So who's the Gov Walker in UUA's beef with Labor? Maybe we ought to look in a mirror first before we start talking about rights.
...called me into his office to tell me my work was not good enough and he wanted my resignation. He told me that if I fought it and he went to the board with details, "it would not be pretty." This was September 2009, and I told him I was prepared to resign effective the following June. He wanted me to leave immediately. My response was that I had not embezzled any funds nor did I commit any sexual misconduct, etc., so I refused. We finally agreed that I would continue employment until December 31.

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Robin Edgar said...

Well since you asked Bill. . .

It was the UUA's Vice President for Ministries and Congregational Support, Rev. Harlan Limpert.


I do look forward to seeing his public response to these "less than pretty" allegations of Lynn Thomas.

WVC = osoul

Perhaps as in Ralph Waldo Emerson's "Oversoul". . .