Friday, March 11, 2011

Western Liberals pitching Muslim Liberals to the wolves

From Asra Q Nomani at the Hearings on radicalization,
...from my vantage point in the fourth row of the packed hearing room, sitting next to my eight-year-old son, Shibli, (on a special field trip to Capitol Hill with mom), I was left with a very different lasting memory, after Ellison wiped his face, gathered up his papers and swept quickly out of the room. The hearing didn’t amount to the much-anticipated slam against Muslims but rather it devolved, ironically, into a figurative lynch mob by leading liberals on civil rights and women’s rights against truth-tellers on radicalization within the Muslim community. It was horrifying to witness.

The attempt to discredit war stories from the trenches in the battle against extremist interpretations of Islam is extremely troubling to me, as a writer-activist challenging sexism and extremism in our communities, because so much of the inspiration for reform comes from the success of liberals in the U.S. civil rights, women’s rights, and other social justice struggles. (I’m as liberal as you can get: pro-gun control, pro-choice, pro-union and pro-same sex marriage.) But, on this issue of challenging extremism inside Islam, the hearing revealed to me that liberals, sadly, are largely out to lunch. If we continue at this rate of denial, as a nation, I’m seriously afraid we don’t stand a chance against al-Qaeda and Islamic militancy.
Worse than out-to-lunch. Reminds me of this moment,

Ghaffar Khan strongly opposed the Muslim League's demand for the partition of India.When the Indian National Congress accepted the partition plan, he told them "You have thrown us to the wolves."

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The Comic Torah said...

Muslims are merely the latest group to oppose US policies. Central and South American Cjristians and Socialists have battles for many decades to get the US military out of their countries. People are "radicalized" by the radical injustices they observe done to them and their lands. See Robert Pape