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AI and Reform Party of Syria Petitions - Please Sign

2 Petitions to Sign

Please sign both. We must pressure the politicians and the international community to remove its velvet gloves when it comes to Assad as much a genocidal dictator as Assad is and even worse because of the history of this family in killing Syrians. 
STOP ASSAD OF SYRIA (i.e. Regime Change)
Sponsor: The Reform Party of Syria

stop the bloodshed in Syria
Sponsor: Amnesty International

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Syira: Friday's Day of Anger

News of Friday's Day of Anger has been much more intense than RPS has reported so far. The areas that have risen exceed 150 in about 20 different cities and town including Damascus and Aleppo. We will list all the areas as soon as we can.
Dara'a. Urgent SOS. al-Jazeera is reporting that tens of thousands heading to lift the city's siege have been attacked with live ammunition. People are urgently asking for international help. many Syrians young have died RPS is told.
Homs. A great Video of young Syrians getting shot at but still are persistent and some even venture in the open to defy the snipers. Some shout "The Ba'ath Building" to point to where snipers have stationed themselves. The Ba'ath Party is dead in Syria. Another good Video shot today of the people's anger against the Assad regime. Their pictures are utterly destroyed.
Escaping Syria. Some Arab newspaper are reporting that Assad security men have started to send their families to international destinations. 
Latakya. Unconfirmed report of 5 Syrians massacred in the city with many more injured.
Damascus. Demonstrators from different Mosques, Zein al-Abedeen, Zein bin Tabet, and Hassan, are fusing into one large demonstration. The Baltajieh and the security men have attacked the demonstrators almost immediately. A Video taken earlier of young men marching in the Midan area. The chant is "Let's march on Mazzeh" The Mazzeh region of Damascus is the nerve center for the security apparatus of Assad.
Inkhil. A powerful Video of children carrying signs to draw attention to the siege of Dara'a. The signs show drawings of milk, water, communications, bread, etc.. all cut off from the city. The people are chanting "He who kills his people is the traitor".
Aleppo. A Video of a small demonstration that started from the Radwan Mosque.

UN: Rights Body Should Investigate Syrian Crackdown

Reject Syria’s Bid for Human Rights Council Seat
Human Rights Watch

(Geneva, April 29, 2011) – The United Nations Human Rights Council should strongly condemn repression of peaceful protests in Syria and mount an investigation into recent violence, Human Rights Watch said. The council is meeting to discuss Syria on April 29, 2011, following a request for a special session by 16 council members, including the United States, South Korea, Mexico, Senegal, and Zambia.

The United States has put forward a draft resolution for the session that condemns the killing, arrest, and torture of peaceful protesters in Syria and calls for the establishment of an international commission of inquiry into abuses in the country.

“Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad needs to hear an unequivocal message from the Human Rights Council that violent suppression of peaceful protests is unacceptable and will have consequences,” said Julie de Rivero, Geneva director at Human Rights Watch. “An international investigation into the Syria crackdown should help deter further violence.”

Human Rights Watch has reported that Syrian security forces have responded to largely peaceful protests with lethal force, including live ammunition fired from military assault weapons, resulting in at least 300 deaths. The death toll from the violence could be as high as 453, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. The UN Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial executions stressed that “live ammunition is being used in clear violation of international law.”

The violence has escalated in recent days with more than 100 protesters killed on April 22-23, according to Human Rights Watch.  The authorities have prevented medical personnel in at least two towns from tending to wounded protesters, and injured people have been denied access to hospitals. They have also detained at least 1,100 protesters, some of whom have been beaten and tortured. The security services have also arbitrarily arrested and tortured activists, writers, and journalists who have reported on or expressed support for the anti-government protests.

The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) has circulated an alternative text to the draft council resolution that softens all language critical of Syria and includes no action to address the ongoing crisis. Four Syrian and Egyptian human rights organizations have denounced the OIC’s position, and called on the Arab League to publicly reject the OIC’s revisions.  The organizations said that the OIC’s proposals “constitute an additional crime against the Syrian people and an insult to the blood of martyrs of democratic uprisings in Egypt, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen and Bahrain.”

While suppressing protests at home, Syria is actively campaigning for a seat on the Human Rights Council, with elections to the body scheduled in the UN General Assembly on May 20.  The draft resolution states that the General Assembly resolution establishing the council “requires Member States to take into account the contribution of candidates to the promotion and protection of human rights” when electing new members.  Although that proposition would seem unassailable, Nigeria, on behalf of the African Group, objected to its inclusion in the draft resolution. Middle Eastern and Asian human rights organizations have also called for UN member states to reject Syria’s bid for a seat on the Council.

“Governments should tell Syria in no uncertain terms that its rampant abuses disqualify it from membership on the Human Rights Council,” de Rivero said.  “Syria’s election bid discredits all those who support it, as well as the council itself.”

Human Rights Watch has also called for urgent action by the Human Rights Council on the ongoing human rights crises in Bahrain and Yemen, which to date have not been addressed by the council.

For more Human Rights Watch reporting on Syria, please visit:

Interviews with Tea Party Extremists in Qunicy Illinois

Andrew Marcus at his best.

New Appeals For Sick Iranian Labor Activist In Jail / نیاز فوری منصور اسانلو به عمل جراحی قلب

Teamsters and John Sweeney made an appeal on Osanlu's behalf a few years ago but it's been zip since. Via A Street Journalist,

Family and supporters of jailed Iranian union leader Mansour Osanlu have renewed appeals for authorities to let him out for medical treatment, saying his health condition has worsened, RFE/RL’s Radio Farda reports.

Osanlu, the leader of Tehran’s municipal bus service union, is serving a five-year prison term for acting against “national security” in a case widely condemned by rights groups and international labor organizations.

The International Transport Workers’ Federation said today it had received news that Osanlu’s heart condition has worsened and that he urgently needs surgery.

A Gay Girl in Damascus: My father, the hero

From a story by a Girl in a very hard place to be Gay,
"So you come here to take Amina. Let me tell you something though. She is not the one you should fear; you should be heaping praises on her and on people like her. They are the ones saying alawi, sunni, arabi, kurdi, duruzi, christian, everyone is the same and will be equal in the new Syria; they are the ones who, if the revolution comes, will be saving Your mother and your sisters. They are the ones fighting the wahhabi most seriously. You idiots are, though, serving them by saying 'every sunni is salafi, every protester is salafi, every one of them is an enemy' because when you do that you make it so

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Deraa: A city under a dark siege - Features - Al Jazeera English

Deraa: A city under a dark siege - Features - Al Jazeera English

Is the indifference to the plight of these people racism?

They dress in black'

Speaking to Al Jazeera Arabic early Wednesday evening, a Deraa resident who gave his name as Nimr al Deraawi, described a situation in which residents were unable to move for fear of sniper fire while an apparent military battle raged around them.

"If you put your head out of the window you get a bullet in your head," said Deraawi. "Homes on Yarmouk highway have been destroyed. My home has been hit by machine gun fire. Six pharmacies have been burned down and the army has occupied all hospitals."

Leading the assault on Deraa are the elite forces of the Fourth Division of the army, commanded by President Assad's brother Maher al-Assad, who has deployed his troops in the city since the early days of the uprising, according to multiple eyewitness accounts.

"They dress in black and are large and muscular," said one resident, speaking of Maher al-Assad’s men. "They have a red stripe on one shoulder. I've seen them at night and members of my family have described them to me."


He writes,
This dispatch is a follow-up to my recent article on Syria.

Because some in the international media are still not covering the six-week-old Syrian uprising properly, and indeed certain journalists are still taking Assad regime propaganda at face value, I attach three videos below.

(As recently as yesterday, the correspondent for The New York Times, for example, was still referring to Bashar Assad as though he was some kind of moderate reformer who may have little or nothing to do with the current crackdown in Syria, much in the same way that for years other writers at The New York Times made excuses for Yasser Arafat, deluding themselves that Arafat had nothing to do with the terrorism which he was in fact initiating.)
The rest of the post and the videos here.

الجيش ينضم الى الثورة في درعا للذين لم يصدقواArmy to join the revolution in Syria to those who did not believe

via Reform Party of Syria

Heavy fighting is reported in Dara'a between the Syrian army fighting on the side of the people and Assad's security men. This is a full mutiny. A Video providing the evidence. Some are reporting that Assad's army is on the retreat in the north of Dara'a. UNCONFIRMED. They need blood urgently.

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Emanuel hints non-profits could be stripped of property tax exemptions - Chicago Sun-Times

Emanuel hints non-profits could be stripped of property tax exemptions - Chicago Sun-Times

A good time to have unloaded Meadville Lombard's properties I guess.

“There’s a lot of good non-profits and charitables. But they get a benefit on the tax side. And given the changes I’ve got to make and given the sacrifices I’m gonna ask from everybody, nobody is in a sacrifice-free zone,” Emanuel said.

Syrian statement of civil disobedience

Finding this on Syrian Facebook pages.
Arabic to English translation

Syrian statement of civil disobedience

Date: April 29, 2011 until 6 May 2011 subject to renewal.
Location: all over Syria.

Given the suffering of our people, the Syrian peaceful unarmed people at the hands of this regime and his gang criminal of premeditated murder and genocide and the siege of brutal for some regions and in the atmosphere of the media blackout, We, the Syrian people civil disobedience across the country even lifted the siege and Taathakiq all the demands of our people fair.

Terms of disobedience:
1 - to maintain a peaceful civil disobedience.
2 - excluding staff and workers and students over time and most important in civil disobedience.
3 - to refrain from the use of transportation and means of transport as much as possible.
4 - to refrain from shopping and only the luxuries of food necessary.
5 - to refrain from the use of cellular and regular phone, except in cases of extreme necessity.
6 - failure of traders and shopkeepers from opening their stores except food stores necessary.
7 - to refrain from paying all taxes and bills and outstanding loans from the state.
8 - to withdraw funds deposited in Syrian banks, both governmental and private.
9 - personal initiative, you are free to choose the form of disobedience, to each according to its location and potential.
10 - put black flags in the lanes and in the storefronts and entrances to buildings.
Note: does not include civil disobedience, bakeries, hospitals, pharmacies and Almtajralgmae.

Very civil disobedience:
The weakest of faith that we are not silent and satisfied with the ongoing assault, murder, torture and genocide to our people Are you satisfied???
And twitch movement and aspects of life in all sectors to stop the massacres and lifting the siege on our people and achieving the just demands of the Syrian people in freedom and dignity.
Signatories: Syrian people free

بيان العصيان المدني السوري

الزمان: ٢٩ نيسان٢٠١١ حتى ٦ أيار٢٠١١ قابل للتجديد.
المكان: كل أنحاء سوريا.

نظرا لما يتعرض له شعبنا السوري المسالم الأعزل على يد هذا النظام وعصابته المجرمة من قتل متعمد وإبادة جماعية وحصار غاشم لبعض المناطق وفي جو من التعتيم الإعلامي، نعلن نحن الشعب السوري عصيانا مدنيا في كافة أنحاء البلاد حتى تفك الحصار وتتحقيق كافة مطالب شعبنا العادلة.

بنود العصيان:
١- الحفاظ على سلمية العصيان المدني.
٢- امتناع الموظفين والعمال والطلاب عن الدوام وهذا أهم ما في العصيان المدني.
٣- الامتناع عن استعمال المواصلات ووسائل النقل قدر الامكان.
٤- الامتناع عن تسوق الكماليات والاكتفاء بالمواد الغذائية الضرورية.
٥- الامتناع عن استعمال الخليوي والهاتف العادي إلا في حالات الضرورة القصوى.
٦- امتناع التجار وأصحاب المحلات التجارية عن فتح متاجرهم باستثناء المحلات الغذائية الضرورية.
٧- الامتناع عن تسديد كافة الضرائب والفواتير والقروض المستحقة من الدولة.
٨- سحب الأموال المودعة في البنوك السورية وخاصة الحكومية منها.
٩- المبادرة الشخصية، لكم حرية اختيار شكل العصيان لكل حسب موقعه وامكانياته.
١٠- وضع اعلام سوداء في الحارات وفي واجهات المحلات وعلى مداخل الابنية.
ملاحظة: لا تشمل العصيان المدني المخابز والمشافي والصيدليات والمتاجرالغذاء.

غاية العصيان المدني:
أضعف الايمان أن لا نكون صامتين وراضين بما يجري من اعتداء وقتل وتعذيب وابادة جماعية لشعبنا فهل أنت راض؟؟؟
ونشل حركة ونواحي الحياة بكافة القطاعات لوقف المجازر وفك الحصار عن أهلنا وتحقيق المطالب العادلة لشعبنا السوري في الحرية والكرامة.
الموقعون: الشعب السوري الحر

Syria - Horan - columns of tanks heading for the morning of Dara 27-4

شام - حوران - أرتال الدبابات متوجهه الى درعا صبيحة 27-4

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


More via Reform Party of Syria,


Barzah. Probably the most horrific Video (Bloody) you can watch. A baby girl no more than 5 or 6 years old shot through the eye with a sniper bullet who aimed to kill her. This video came to our attention from The Damascus TV News operated by the Syrian Revolution of 2011. They sometimes post on their pages attacks on al-Qardawi of Egypt and the MB. 

Another Video in Barzah of a white pick-up truck that belongs to Assad's thugs firing on the crowds. You can see towards the end someone being carried either injured or dead.

Nashaybeh. Some 12 km east of Damascus. A Video shot on April 22, 2011 (Great Friday) showing people being shot at. You can see the street littered with the dead and injured and the demonstrators trying to desperately save them by dragging them to safety.

Damascus. A Video of a doctor hitting hard an injured man on a gurney. This is what happens when our injured are sent to Assad' hospitals. This was shown on Syrian TV on purpose: To scare the people.

Dara'a. A Video of a sniper who aims and shoots. Notice the recoil from his rifle to understand what they're killing Syrians with.  

Lebanese Borders With Syria. The Daboussyeh and al-Aboudyeh passages in the north have been closed for sometime but the Lebanese government is keeping a lid on this information.

Syria Under Siege

All below via Reform Party of Syria,

A Syrian sent this email to his political organization that RPS got a copy of. In it, he asks for help. This is the translation (Please excuse the curses, Arabic copy below it). Jablah is on the outskirts of Damascus.
Jablah is getting butchered people
F**k the Muslims, how immoral they are and where is that SOB in Saudi Arabia?
Where is that vermin in Turkey?
We call upon you Jesus, upon the Cross. There are no one to help us but the Jews.
By G*d, people are burying their dead in the fields. 
Snipers and detention are on-going non-stop
What's happening in Syria is sectarian killing. It has become sectarian. May G*d take revenge on all the Arabs.
The worst part, it came from a Sunni Muslim liberal voice inside Syria. This is his Facebook page. 
جبلة عم تندبح و الله يا عالم
لك كس اخت المسلمين شو سفلة لك وينو شرموط السعودية
وينو سافل تركيا
عم نستغيث يا مسيح يا صليب و الله ما في غيركن
يا يهود يا خلق
والله الناس عم تدفن قتلاها بالبساتين
القناصة و الإعتقالات شغالة
القتل الطائفي القتل بسوريا طائفي الله ينتقم من العرب
Jablah has been under siege for 3 days.
An eyewitness told of 450 injured and no one knows the number of deaths. Tanks are firing on homes and buildings and they have turned their anti-aircraft guns on homes. No milk to be found, water is scarce, no medicine because the Syrian "shabbeeha" have burned the pharmacies. They are doing door-to-door searches and any young man suspected of demonstrating is being shot or detained. The man on the Video begs for 2 hours just to evacuate the injured. This is the 3rd day Dara'a has been under siege.

The lastest update on Syria from the Reform Party of Syria

Dara'a. No one really knows what is happening inside the city. It is shut tight by the authorities with communications and electricity interrupted. Borders with Jordan have also been sealed. An eyewitness told al-Jazeera that 8 tanks reached the center around al-Omari Mosque and that he saw 8 bodies on one side of the Mosque litter the street. The regime, after seeing that armed "infiltrators" is not sticking, has switched to armed Salafis to excuse their atrocities in Dara'a. Using Salafis is intended to strike fear into the hearts of the minorities, which is an indicator Assad no longer enjoys their support and is trying desperately to keep his faltering coalition together.  One of the first Videos to show the tanks entering Dara'a.

Syrian Army. First Video of an eyewitness telling al-Jazeera of a mutiny and how it happened. He said that when units from the 4th army refused to collect the injured, some in the 5th army started shooting at them.

Syrian Army. BBC Arabic just confirmed that several units in the Syrian army have split and are fighting with the people. 

US Embassy in Damascus. US State Department has requested that all non-essential personnel at its Embassy leave Syria. The request also covers all dependents of essential personnel.

Homs. Thousands are on the street in support of Dara'a.

Talzhab. The first time this town, located between Tartus on the coast and Hama in the western region of Syria. is demonstrating in support of Dara'a. 

Hassakeh. Student at the Agriculture School are out in force in support of Dara'a, the city that started it all and that Assad keeps taking revenge against.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Pajamas Media » PJM Exclusive: More Video from Syria’s ‘Great Friday Uprising’ (Content Warning)

Pajamas Media » PJM Exclusive: More Video from Syria’s ‘Great Friday Uprising’ (Content Warning)

Zabaltani (outskirts of Damascus):

This video was shot on Saturday April 23, 2011, in the Zabaltani area. Crowds are moving forward knowing full well they’re likely to be killed. As they chant “Eed Wahde!” (One hand, or all together), a heavy burst of fire erupts. Many duck or fall to the ground but many remain standing waving their hands as if welcoming death. An unbelievable sight. Then we see people dragging those up front and one lands next to the cameraman with his head open. This may have been caused by a direct shot to the face that exited the back causing this damage. Not for the faint of heart.

Roger L. Simon » Dr. Assad Meet Dr. Mengele

Roger L. Simon » Dr. Assad Meet Dr. Mengele

When the Middle East street started to rebel, our government had no plan. They didn’t know what to do about Egypt and then went into Libya willy-nilly when things started to look bad. So now we are left with the odd situation where Gaddafi — clearly also a murderous sociopathic dictator — is despot number one, with NATO intervening and the U.S. providing Predators, while Assad, demonstrably a much more active and dangerous enemy of the U.S. and its allies, is merely verbally chastised by our president and secretary of State.

Something wrong here?


Via Reform Part of Syria.


Dara'a. Early morning local time, the army stormed into the city protected by tanks and troops carriers. BBC Arabic is reporting that over 25 have been killed as a result of direct bombing. The city is under heavy attack with suspected Hezbollah units joining the battle against unarmed civilians (all wearing black). Snipers on rooftops shooting through windows and anything that moves. Civilians are being detained in the hundreds. An army of savages deployed against unarmed peaceful citizens.  This is a tragedy on a grand scale. Another Hama may be underway in Dara'a. It seems Assad could care less about the world condemnations or Obama's possible sanctions against his Generals.

Syrian Army. Unconfirmed reports that Officer Mohammad al-Rifai, along with 230 soldiers, have deserted from the 5th Army with some tanks, which they have turned against the 4th Army of Maher al-Assad destroying four tansk and capturing a fifth. Also, the army in Nouaima is defending the civilians. UNCONFIRMED.

Silent Arab Dictators. The cowards are too afraid for their own self to utter any condemnation. They are afraid of Iran, afraid over the billions they have pilfered, and afraid that their turn may come next if they support the people of Syria. What a curse these people are.  

Jordanian Borders. Borders with Syria have been sealed shut.

The World Media. Finally, it has awakened to the massacres inside Syria. Their reporting will pressure world leaders to act.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Al Jazeera: Syrian forces raid homes to quell protests - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Syrian forces raid homes to quell protests - Middle East - Al Jazeera English

Walter Russell Mead: War In Syria Next?

H/T Michael Totten

WRB's conclusion,
If the people keep protesting, and the government keeps shooting, can the White House really afford to stand by?

I personally do not want to see the US involved in yet another Middle Eastern war. The potential that the conflict would spread into Lebanon and plunge both countries into a long period of chaos and civil war is far too significant for me to start beating the war drums.

But the situation in Syria has turned much more critical since Friday’s demonstrations. Intervention in Syria is likely to involve higher stakes, more bloodshed and greater risks than the intervention in Libya. We need this like we need a hole in the head. But the courage of the Syrian people, the brutality of their government, the wishes of our allies and the logic of our interests may yet force our hands.

For the Obama administration, the prospect of making the painful choice between war in Syria or genocide in Syria cannot be welcome. Whatever it does, the administration will run serious risks and invite bitter criticism; it may also start engaging in some serious introspection. Both in substance and in the way it was handled the Libyan intervention makes a Syrian intervention both harder to pull off and harder to avoid. That is not normally what a successful policy looks like — but in the administration’s defense, these are not normal times.
Obama's in desperate need of some serious introspection (and damn little time for it). So much for the man who once promised only smart wars. There's little smarts about war.

Arash Irandoost: Iran on edge as ally Syria fights for survival

Iran on edge as ally Syria fights for survival

When Syria's president visited Iran late last year, he received a heroes' medal and spoke about unbreakable bonds in a ceremony broadcast on national television.

Now, a nervous leadership in Iran has imposed a media blackout on Bashar Assad's struggle against a swelling Syrian uprising and Tehran faces the unsettling prospect of losing its most stalwart ally in the region.

Hitchens: Message to American Atheists

From Hitchen's message
.....I have found my trust better placed in two things: the skill and principle of advanced medical science, and the comradeship of innumerable friends and family, all of them immune to the false consolations of religion. It is these forces among others which will speed the day when humanity emancipates itself from the mind-forged manacles of servility and superstitition. It is our innate solidarity, and not some despotism of the sky, which is the source of our morality and our sense of decency.
I've found that innate solidarity too, and oddly with many believers instead of the Atheists who can seem a little full of themselves at time. None the less, it is our innate solidarity that's the source.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Syrians are on the Move (221)

Via Reform Party of Syria

Syria. The people are still in shock over Assad's massacres of yesterday and judging from the number of videos emanating from many sources in Syria and showing in gruesome details the atrocities being committed against unarmed civilians, the Syrian people have won the public relations campaign. But Assad knew it too if he upped the ante, which proves his regime is on the edge of the abyss forcing him to sidestep the PR image.

Yesterday, Assad's regime concluded it is fighting for its life. 

Birzeh. A Video of a burial with thousands of people. Soon thereafter, heavy fire of live ammunition aimed at the marchers erupted. Witnesses are reporting gun fire almost in every Province of Syria against marchers trying to bury yesterday's casualties. 
More are massacred in Douma and Dara'a as they bury their dead. 

Izrah' Reports are coming-in that another massacre is underway with about 10 people dead so far. The soldier who killed Jameel al-Assad for ordering to shoot at unarmed marchers is from this small town in Hawran region, which explains the heavy casualties yesterday in Izrah' and the killing of two children aged 7 and 10. It continues today. The Assads are on a revenge binge against unarmed and innocent civilians. 
Dara'a. Security men forcefully confiscated two ambulances belonging to the National Hospital to insure that injured men receive no medical attention. 

Latakya. After noon prayers in the Rahman Mosque, Assad's security forced the people to exit the Mosque two at a time on their knees for 20 meter before asking them to run. It took 2 hours of humiliation before the Mosque was emptied. 

YouTube. This message was received by YouTube from the comfort of their leather seats. 

ATTENTION The following video(s) from your account have been disabled for violation of the YouTube Community Guidelines:
  • Dara'a. April 22, 2011. Bilal al-Shooha Shot through the Mouth.mp4 - (ReformPartyofSyria)
Sometimes people do get hurt and it’s inevitable that these events may be documented on YouTube. However, YouTube is not a shock site. It's not okay to post gross-out videos of accidents, dead bodies or similar things intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful. If a video is particularly graphic or disturbing, it should be balanced with additional educational or documentary context and information.
Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to post content to YouTube and/or the termination of your account.
Damascus. An announcement for a 3-day civil disobedience has started in some parts of Damascus like al-Midan area. All commercial stores will be closed.

Rania Alnuri

Rania Alnuri

Arabic to English translation

(Moved We hope Circular) We call on all shades of the Syrian people and constructing the various factions and sects To complete the march of the martyrs And pretend not to make a day and weekly demonstrations or association because the system exploits a full day of the week and unique city after the other Cities that rose up to be full Shell fundamental ability of this dying regime Invite to demonstrate all the cities and public squares And particularly in the city of Damascus to the political importance because they point to this revolution, the city and blessed is the birthplace of the system Invite to a crawl to the city of Damascus from neighboring cities and villages and sit-in yards and public squares, even topple the regime Please publishing and dissemination in all the pages and forums
(منقول ونرجو التعميم)
ندعو كافة اطياف الشعب السوري بمختلف اطيافه و اعماره و طوائفه
لاتمام مسيرة الشهداء
و التظاهر يوميا وعدم جعل التظاهرات اسبوعية او جمعية لان النظام يستغل ايام الاسبوع كاملة و يتفرد بمدينة تلو الاخرى
ان انتفضت المدن كاملة سيتم شل القدرة الساسية لهذا النظام المتهالك
ندعوا للتظاهر بكافة المدن و الميادين العامة
و خصوصا مدينة دمشق لاهميتها السياسية لانها المدينة الفاصلة بهذه الثورة المباركة و هي مسقط النظام
ندعوا الى الزحف الى مدينة دمشق من المدن و القرى المجاورة و الاعتصام بالساحات و الميادين العامة حتى اسقاط النظام
الرجاء النشر و التعميم في كافة الصفحات و المنتديات

Washington Post Editorial: Shameful U.S. inaction on Syria’s massacres

By Editorial, Friday, April 22, 5:16 PM

FOR THE PAST five weeks, growing numbers of Syrians have been gathering in cities and towns across the country to demand political freedom — and the security forces of dictator Bashar al-Assad have been responding by opening fire on them. According to Syrian human rights groups, more than 220 people had been killed by Friday. And Friday may have been the worst day yet: According to Western news organizations, which mostly have had to gather information from outside the country, at least 75 people were gunned down in places that included the suburbs of Damascus, the city of Homs and a village near the southern town of Daraa, where the protests began.

Massacres on this scale usually prompt a strong response from Western democracies, as they should. Ambassadors are withdrawn; resolutions are introduced at the U.N. Security Council; international investigations are mounted and sanctions applied. In Syria’s case, none of this has happened. The Obama administration has denounced the violence — a presidential statement called Friday’s acts of repression “outrageous” — but otherwise remained passive. Even the ambassador it dispatched to Damascus during a congressional recess last year remains on post.

The administration has sat on its hands despite the fact that the Assad regime is one of the most implacable U.S. adversaries in the Middle East. It is Iran’s closest ally; it supplies Iranian weapons to Hezbollah in Lebanon and Hamas in the Gaza Strip for use against Israel. Since 2003 it has helped thousands of jihadists from across the Arab world travel to Iraq to attack American soldiers. It sought to build a secret nuclear reactor with the help of North Korea and destabilized the pro-Western government of neighboring Lebanon by sponsoring a series of assassinations.

Like people across the Middle East, the protesters in Syria say that they are seeking the establishment of a democratic system. A statement issued by organizers of the protests Friday called for an end to torture and killings by security forces; the release of all political prisoners; an investigation into the deaths of those killed so far; and reform of the constitution, including a limit on presidential terms. The mass demonstrations on Good Friday were called to show that the cause is neither Islamic nor sectarian.

Yet the Obama administration has effectively sided with the regime against the protesters. Rather than repudiate Mr. Assad and take tangible steps to weaken his regime, it has proposed, with increasing implausibility, that his government “implement meaningful reforms,” as the president’s latest statement put it. As The Post’s Karen DeYoung and Scott Wilson reported Friday, the administration, which made the “engagement” of Syria a key part of its Middle East policy, still clings to the belief that Mr. Assad could be part of a Middle East peace process; and it would rather not trade “a known quantity in Assad for an unknown future.”

As a practical matter, these considerations are misguided. Even if his massacres allow him to survive in power, Mr. Assad will hardly be a credible partner for Israel. And no matter what happens, Syria will not return to the police-state stability it has known during the past several decades.

As a moral matter, the stance of the United States is shameful. To stand by passively while hundreds of people seeking freedom are gunned down by their government makes a mockery of the U.S. commitment to human rights. In recent months President Obama has pledged repeatedly that he would support the aspiration of Arabs for greater freedom. In Syria, he has not kept his word.


 Aus Kamishli - Nord Syrien 22.04.2011
Carekê li Bloga me jî binêri:

Thousands of Kurds take to the streets in Syria
22 April 2011 by KB KURDISH COMMENTARY - Tens of thousands of Kurds protested today in Qamişlo, Amûde, Serê Kaniyê (Ras al-Ayn) and other Kurdish towns.
They carried 25-metre long Syrian flags through the streets, waved placards in Arabic, Kurdish, and English, chanting mostly in Arabic, but sometimes in Kurdish. They shouted ‘God, Syria, Freedom, and that’s it!’ They also shouted in Kurdish ‘Azadî, Azadî, Azadî!’ (Freedom! Freedom! Freedom!)

One of the most common refrains was: ‘Wahid, wahid, wahid! Al-sha’ab al-suri wahid!’ ‘One, one, one! The Syrian people are united (one). (‘!واحد واحد واحد الشعب السوري واحد’) Arabic

In the city of Qamişlo (al-Qamishli) between 8,000-10,000 mainly Kurdish demonstrators took to the streets chanting for freedom and their rejection of sectarianism (‘We want national unity!’). In Amûde more than 2,000 marched through the streets. 

Some signs and slogans were: - ‘No to hypocrisy, no to corruption!’ - ‘Arabs and Kurds are brothers.’ - ‘Arabs and Kurds against corruption!’ (‘العرب والأكراد ضد الفساد’) Arabic

‘Freedom and equality do not mean conspiracy and corruption.’ (‘الحرية والمساواة لا تعني المؤامرة والطائفية’) Arabic - ‘Freedom is respect of the people.’ (Azadî rûmeta gelan e!) 

Kurdish - ‘From Amûde to Hawran, the Syrian people won’t be dishonoured/insulted!’ (Hawran is the region in SW Syria where Dera’a is located). Protesters in Qamişlo were saying the same thing, replacing Amûde: ‘من القامشلي لحوران الشعب السوري ما بينهان’ Arabic - Unlike in other parts of the country, no army or security forces intervened in the protests.

One protester in Qamişlo said, ‘We want freedom. This is not an issue of citizenship, but an issue of being a citizen.’

Abdullah Shami

Abdullah Shami posted 11 hours ago.
Arabic to English translation

Alert urgent and important warning ..
There Dmolln allies of the regime at home and a neighboring state they want a sectarian
They point out the government and seek a variety of methods
Because they Centhoa if this won the Intifada
So you see them Mstmetin and working hard to provoke us even use violence and to respond in kind
Vsegndon of us look into the enthusiasm and loyalty to the revolution
Worked to convince the loyal emotional, especially relatives of the martyrs and the friends that enough is enough with these killers!!
We must respond in kind under the principle of tooth for a tooth and seeming darker and so on
Some of them will use verses from the Koran and opinions of the legitimacy of
Permissible to kill the top and other Alcbihp and security
And some of them in our impudent Sends Facebook, YouTube and other
You can induce the rebels and the Ngchehem Tgshena and shivering all for his style and trying to throw temptation
Many ways and will deal with that system with the revolution in order to drag us
To the use of arms and violence to achieve his wish and achieved the license
Qualifiers allow his blood will be performed by this people
In all provinces

Far, very far, but we have to go through this chart!! We are peaceful as long as we have begun
And will remain so, God willing .. And will not let an opportunity we never
Esthekma to fail us, and our revolution!! Beware beware that one of us falls in this trap, my brothers

Be patient and endure, and fear of God ... And you will see the victory of God is near and that their ballots will be gone
I do not want to remind you that only benefit the anniversary of the faithful: the following are the watchwords we will not give them
Peaceful and not sectarian national
As long as we agree is different victory is very close to us, God willing,

Revolution Revolution to overthrow the regime and God is great and all praise

تنبيه عاجل وتحذير هام ..
هناك حلفاء دمويون للنظام بالداخل وبدولة مجاورة يريدونها طائفيةً
ويشيرون بها على الحكومة ويسعون لها بشتى الأساليب
لأنهم سينتهوا إذا ما انتصرت هذه الإنتفاضة
لذلك تراهم مستميتين ويعملون جاهدين لإستفزازنا حتى نستخدم العنف والرد بالمثل
فسيجنّدون من يدخل بيننا مظهراً الحماس والإخلاص للثورة
فيعمل على إقناع الأوفياء العاطفيين وخاصة أقارب الشهداء وأصدقائهم أن طفح الكيل مع هؤلاء القتلة !!
ويجب علينا الرد بالمثل تحت مبدأ السن بالسن والبادي أظلم وهكذا
ومنهم من سيستخدم آيات من القرآن الكريم وفتاوى شرعية
بجواز قتل العلويين وغيرهم من الشبيحة والأمن
ومنهم من سيندسُّ في مواقعنا عالفيس بوك واليوتيوب وغيره
بأسماء تستميل الثوار وتغشُّهم وتغشُّنا جميعاً ليُرجف بأسلوبه ويحاول رمي الفتن
وطرقاً كثيرة سوف يتعامل فيها هذا النظام مع الثورة من أجل جرِّنا
الى استخدام السلاح والعنف ويحقق أمنيته بنيله رخصةً
تبيح له تصفياتٍ دمويةً سوف يقوم بها لهذا الشعب
وفي كل المحافظات

ولكن هيهات هيهات أن يمر علينا هذا المخطط !! طالما نحن بدأناها سلمية
ولسوف نبقى على ذلك إن شاء الله تعالى .. وسوف لن نترك له فرصةً علينا أبداً
ليستحكم فينا ويُفشّل ثورتنا !! فحذار حذار أن يقع أحدنا بهذا الفخ يا إخوان

إصبروا وصابروا واتقوا الله ... وسترون نصر الله قريب وإن دولتهم الباطلة ستزول
ولا أريد أن أذكركم إلاّ أن الذكرى تنفع المؤمنين : شعاراتنا هي الآتي ولن نتراجع عنها
سلمية ـ وطنية ـ لا طائفية ــــــــــ
وما دمنا متفقين غير مختلفين فالنصر قريب منا جداً بإذن الله

ثورة ثورة حتى إسقاط النظام والله أكبر ولله الحمد

Roger L. Simon » Syria: What PJMedia is doing

Roger L. Simon » Syria: What PJMedia is doing
Friday night, PJM published some extremely graphic videos from Syria. They are so extreme that one commenter on YouTube even wondered if we were hacked.
We have not been. We published these videos, horrifying as they are, because we must bear witness to what is going on at this moment in Syria. The history of the last century had many monsters – Hilter, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot – all of whom were mass murderers of their own people. Another such person- active at this very moment – is Bashar al-Assad of Syria. He must be stopped before he murders more,
Therefore you must excuse us for publishing these graphic videos. It is our duty. And it is all our duties to stop this man.
We are working with Farid Ghadry of the Syrian reform movement in bringing this information to you. We salute Mr. Ghadry for his courage. We will continue to work with him as long as this humanitarian crisis continues.
On top of virtually viewing carnage real time, I tweet with the protestors in the streets (or awfully close) and translate their Arabic (or my English) with google-translate.

Assad's regime using dumb-dumb bullets now and the wounds horrific. I've stopped watching. I was getting numbed.

Update: A Letter to Pajamas Media
As Syrians continue to be at the receiving end of Assad's terror machine, the Reform Party of Syria, with all its base of support inside and outside Syria, would like to thank the management of Pajamas Media for choosing these difficult times to provide us with a platform to expose the atrocities committed against our people.

Special thanks to Mr. Roger Simon, Mr. Richard Pollok, and Mr. Aaron Hanscom and all the staff at Pajamas Media.

With freedom in Syria, the Levant region would benefit by holding those in power accountable to their people. Accountability is an enabler for peace and a destroyer of rampant terror.

April 23, 2011

RPS Leadership, Members, and Supporters

Friday, April 22, 2011

The names of Syrians Assad massacred today.

The names in Arabic below and the videos too brutal to list over here.

Via Reform Party of Syria,

Shame on AP. AP keeps repeating the death toll at 200 for the last four weeks. The number has not changed even though over 170 people have been killed in one week between last Friday and this Friday, not to mention those who are injured or those who have disappeared in Assad's dungeons never to be seen again. AP GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER AND STOP DIMINISHING ASSAD'S CRIMES. Here is an Arabic website which has listed all the names of the 74 people massacred today. And another website for verification. And a list for you below in Arabic.

The names of Syrians Assad massacred today.
1- خلدون الدروبي - حمص
2- أحمد الساعور - حمص
3- فواز الحراكي - حمص
4- عمار السلمان - حمص
5- أحمد غسان الكحيل - حمص، الخالدية
6- محمد باسل الكحيل - حمص
7- محمد خضير الشيخ - باب عمرو
8- محمود الجوري - باب عمرو
9- أنس كاخيا - باب عمرو، حمص
10- رامز كاخيا - باب عمرو، حمص
11- سامي حاج حسن - باب عمرو، حمص
12- جدوع العمر - القصير، حمص
13- محمد العيدة - القصير، حمص
14- سالم بكور - تلدو، حمص
15- رضوان لالو - كفرلاها، حمص
16- محمد المحمد - تلذهب، حمص
17- عبد الرحمن الفردوس - تلذهب، حمص
18- الصيدلاني سامر بكور - تلدو، حمص
19- ___ هرموش - تلدو، حمص
20- معتز الروبا - دمشق، جامع بلال الحبشي
21- كمال بركات - برزة، دمشق
22- عبد المنعم عرعورة - المعضمية
23- مازن عرعورة - المعضمية
24- أحمد الشيخ - المعضمية
25- سليمان ابراهيم - المعضمية
26- أحمد الغندور - المعضمية
27- محمود معتوق - المعضمية
28- أحمد معتوق - المعضمية
29- الطفل ضياء هزاع - المعضمية
30- وائل العربيني- زملكا
31- عز الدين النداف- زملكا
32- أحمد المملوك- زملكا
33- عمر بن أحمد الحمصي - جوبر
34- عمار محمود - داريا
35- علي شيخ درويش - حرستا
36- محمد أبو دخل الله - حرستا
37- خالد حميد - حرستا
38- محمد الحمزات - الحجر الأسود
39- يمان طراد الآغا - الحجر الأسود
40- ناصر الحوري - الحجر الأسود
41- محمد مصطفى رعد - الحجر الأسود
42- مؤمن إبراهيم حموده (7 سنوات) طلق ناري في الرأس - إزرع
43- سفيان محمد سليمان العيدة - إزرع
44- عبد الغفار محمد سليمان العيدة - إزرع
45- نزار محمد سليمان العيدة - إزرع
46- سفيان صلاح سليمان العيدة - إزرع
47- إبراهيم القلاب - إزرع
48- طاهر موفق القنص - إزرع
49- أنور فاضل العبيد - إزرع
50- طاهر موفق الحريري - إزرع
51- بلال الشوحة (أو الشوقي) - إزرع
52- حسان علي الحلقي - إزرع
53- هاني رسمي الحلقي - إزرع
54- عبدالغفار شحادة (أبو منير، 70 سنة) - إزرع
55- حسين علي ذياب - إزرع
56- سفيان بهجت الحريري - إزرع
57- إبراهيم القلاب أبو مالك - إزرع
58- الطفل انور فاضل العبيد - إزرع
59- خليل إبراهيم الحمود المسالمة - إزرع
60- أيهم السالم - إزرع
61- لؤي السالم - إزرع
62- أنس الزعبي - إزرع
63- محمد علي ذياب - إزرع
64- إياد عوض شهاب - إزرع
65- أنس الشريف - إزرع
66- قاسم الأسعد - إزرع
67- سفيان الحروب - إزرع
68- جاسم محمد العبيد - إزرع
69- محمد المفلح - إزرع
70- الطفل إياد عوض شهاب (10 سنوات) - إزرع
71- أسامة الحركي (من أهالي المليحة الغربية، 35 سنة) - الحراك
72- محمد الخراط - حماة
73- ___ عثمان - حماة
74- ___
عدي - حماة


via Reform Party of SyriaIzrah'. A horrific Video of a father carrying his child shot in the head by Assad's security men. When will the international community step-up to its responsibilities?

Hama. Another horrific Video (Bloody) of a man shot in the head today. Assad continues massacring our people.

Hollow Point. The regime is using high-powered hollow point bullets that explode upon impact. The Hague Convention of 1899, Declaration III, prohibits the use in warfare of bullets that easily expand or flatten in the body.

Douma. Security men of Assad are kidnapping the injured from al-Nour hospital. A Video of the dead four in today's clashes in Douma. 

Iraqi Support. The Iraqi Cultural Parliament issued a statement in support of the Syrian people. Thank you to the Iraqi people.

Damascus. A Video in Damascus today where the videographer is targeted and gets injured. Heavy fire against civilian, unarmed population. Another Video of the burial of 3 killed today in Zamalka. 

Homs. The city is still experiencing heavy casualties and gunfire is still ringing across many areas. RPS knows of four who have died. They are: Mahmoud al-Joori, Sami Hajj Hassan, Mohammad Khodeir, and Ramez Kakhia.

Deir el-Zour. A Video of the utter and complete destruction of the statute of Bassil al-Assad (deceased brother to Baschar). Video worth seeing.

Deaths Estimates. The latest estimate are 38 dead and over 150 injuries. Remains Unconfirmed.

Assyrian participation. Tens of Assyrians in participate in Qamoshli demonstrations today carrying signs in Aramaic. One said Freedom in Aramaic (Hiriouso).

Civil War in Syria is not a Solution

More via Reform Party of Syria

One of the sons of Sheikh Saleh al-Fa'doos was killed by Assad's security men in Homs on April 19. Sheikh al-Fa'doos, who comes from the Faware'eh tribe will have to respond as a matter of honor.

Al-Faware'eh are allied with two important tribes in Iraq and Jordan. In Iraq, they have an alliance with the Duleimeh tribe (Ahmad Abu Richeh) and in Jordan to the Bani Hassn tribe. The Bani Hassan tribe is supportive of King Abdullah and has helped maintain peace in Jordan recently.

The Duleimeh tribe in Iraq are descendants of the al-Shaalan tribe, which for all intended purposes are considered the masters of al-Saud family of Saudi Arabia. The tree is strong because the branches, on opposing sides, support each other through marriages, alliances, and next of kinship.
This is why Assad has been asking Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon to seal their borders against arms smuggling. A futile exercise given that Syrian borders were considered impossible to seal with Iraq during its US liberation (Assad should know better!!)

Arms are flowing into Syria in large quantities today by tribal leaders whose traditional bonds with the tribes of Syria makes it impossible not to smuggle arms. As Assad massacres continue against unarmed civilians, he is also driving the country towards an outright civil war. 

Many may believe this is a solution to weaken Iran and keep Assad busy in his own backyard. The reality though that if Syria enters a long period of civil strife divided across sectarian lines, it will weaken the nation to the point where the victor, whomever it is, will be a weak, battle-ready soldier. If history has taught us anything, it is that a weak country governed by weak men is the most dangerous to have as a neighbor. A civil war in Syria is not a solution.

The White House, the UN, and the EU must avert the scenario of a Syrian civil war from happening by forcing Assad either to resign his post with some guarantees for safe passage or to encourage a military coup that would usher a civilian government ready to democratize Syria through a transitional government. Barring these difficult to implement solutions, a limited, drone-driven military action may yet convince someone in Damascus it is time to roll Baschar and his family over for the greater good of the community and the country.

Daria - Good Friday demonstrations 22-4-11 Part 1 شام - داريا - مظاهرات الجمعة العظيمة 22-4-11 ج1

Cham column demonstrations Good Friday 22 411 c 1شام عامودا مظاهرات الجمعة العظيمة 22 4 11 ج1

Began to rally in protest of the Banias Good Friday (1) 04/22/2011 بدأ الاحتشاد في بانياس لمظاهرة الجمعة العظيمة (1) 22-04-2011

Syrian Youth Revolution - 6th Week

via Reform Party of Syria
Jameel al-Assad. Syrians inside Syria are reporting that Jameel al-Assad, a Maj. General and an important military figure in the regime, died today as a result of a gunshot fatal wound. After giving orders to shoot at demonstrators tomorrow, it seems one of the soldiers taking orders turned his rifle and shot him dead. The soldier was immediately ushered to safety by others. If the story is true, it marks a major tuning point in this Revolution. 
Homs. Security men and the army has disappeared from the city. Possible reasons: 1) Aleppo may erupt tomorrow and Assad needs all the help in this 5 million plus city. 2) Homs is lost and Assad needs to retreat to Damascus to protect his rule.

Sednaya Prison. Beirut Observer is reporting that 4 Salafi prisoners were put to death for refusing to testify, on tape, they were behind the murder of Syrian army soldiers. It seems the Salafi accusation is not sticking so the regime tried to implicate real Salafis.