Sunday, April 10, 2011

American Shabaab commander Omar Hammami releases tape that mocks reports of his death - The Long War Journal

American Shabaab commander Omar Hammami releases tape that mocks reports of his death - The Long War Journal

The Lyrics to Shabaab's martyrdom rap,

Send me a cruise like Maa'lam Adam al Ansari
And send me a couple of tons like Zarqawi
And send me a drone like Abu Laith al Libi
And Special Forces like Saleh Ali Nabhani

Send me all four and send me much much more
I pray for that on my way to heavens door
Send me four and send me more, that what I implore
An amazing martyrdom I strive for and adore


It's been decreed no matter what they try
Islam can't be martyred, defeated and it can't die
Regardless the Kuffar and the Munafiqeen,
Islams only got one choice and that is victory
Stand up heroes of Islam o Mujahideen
Keep moving forward for Allah's word to reign supreme
Respond to the calls of the oppressed and improvise
You've been promised two possibilities in life

It ain't do or die, it's do or paradise
Victory in this life or forever delight
You think we die but no it's a lie
In the bellies of green birds soaring through paradise
Our killed are in the highest place
While yours are in disgrace
Our killed roam their gardens and mansions
With the purest mates
So train those marines hard, one shot one kill
Headshots heart shots, for them it's a big thrill
A moment's joy, but me I'm filled with happiness
Meeting my Lord, faced forward to eternal bliss

There's nothing as sweet as the taste of a tank shell
But it could be compared to being where the mortar fell
But all that could be seen as tasteless
Compared to smart bombs falling when they don't miss
It was a beautiful day, when that predator paradise missile sent me on my way
A one way ticket with no stops or delays, no problems in the grave nor fear on that day
Or better yet send me a cruise, and send me on a cruise
Family rejoices at the news and follows me in what I do

You can't find someone more happy than a shaheed
He got everything but one thing he requests and pleads
To come back and fight and fight and be killed
And keep coming back and getting killed if only Allah willed
But we don't need that, the youth are coming and bold
Every martyr being replaced by 100 fold

So you must admit that you are falling fast
And need to act quick to submit or face more wrath
But if not don't fear we're coming forth
Generations taking Jihad as their favorite sport
Killing the oppressors and being killed in the process
The most beautiful end but how can I express
I profess and strive against those who oppress and transgress
I obsess not depress for martyrdom success

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