Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Assad regime is about to collapse

Below via the Reform Party of Syria

RPS Believes, with these videos and tomorrow's large demonstrations, the Assad regime is about to collapse.

Banias. "The people will protect Syria, not Assad". "He no longer is her master" is what the young Syria videographer is saying in this Video as another young man wipes Assad's quotes from a wall in the coastal city of Banias. Very powerful indeed. This shows Assad is losing control of the situation.

Damascus. A Video of a brave Syrian beating Assad picture with his shoe while chanting anti-regime slogans. This is unheard of 2 months ago. 

Moadamyeh. A Video taken of the "shabbeeha" chasing the demonstrators with batons and tear gas. Another interesting Video of Darya citizens who commenced their prayers upon arriving in Moadamyeh. Why interesting? The prayers are led by a young Syrian and not the traditional Imam. There are the face of this Revolution and they are taking their place in history.

Propaganda and Misinformation. The crescendo is reaching a high pitch fever where lies, fabrications, and rumors, on both sides, have become much more prevalent than during the early days of the Revolution. But since Syrians are familiar with Assad's cunning deceptions, rumors by the people are sticking more than Assad's truths. If "too cunning for your own good" applies, we are witnessing it today. 

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