Saturday, April 09, 2011

Assad Transfers the Reigns of Power to the IRGC of Iran with a Carte Blanche to Kill at Will to Save His Regime

Iran's regime lacks any compunctions on interventions.
RPS Statement on The IRGC Occupation of the Syrian Government

Assad Transfers the Reigns of Power to the IRGC of Iran with a Carte Blanche to Kill at Will to Save His Regime


Washington D.C. April 9, 2011. The Reform Party of Syria has received sensitive information in regard to the recent events in Syria, which explain the heightened level of violence and the massacres being perpetrated against the Syrian people.

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) has a 10,000 men strong army that includes experts in several fields including weapon systems, missile operations, concealed nuclear development, and security and training.

During the early uprisings in Syria, the IRGC played the role of a monitor, which included sending its own highly-trained fighters to closely watch the operational capabilities of Assad's security men. It indirectly monitored events at their own Command and Control Center (CCC) in a military base, totally controlled by the Corps, located in the province of Homs.

However, RPS has learned that as of last Monday, all security operations related to the uprisings have been transferred to the IRGC's own CCC. All of Assad's high echelon security Generals now report directly to the IRGC as of April 4, 2011.

Further, RPS has learned that ALL the Generals in Assad's army and security apparatuses, with emphasis on the Alawite Generals, including Maher al-Assad, are being closely monitored by the IRGC for fear of a military coup. The source believes that their communications have been tapped, their moves are monitored by secret video cameras, and their cars have been equipped with specialized locator devices.

RPS was also told that Hisham Bikhtiar, Iran's man in Damascus, has been given higher access than Maher al-Assad for the purpose of watching after the IRGC interests within the government.

Yesterday's violent and inhuman response to Syrians demonstrating for their freedom is part of an elaborate scheme mounted by the IRGC, in cohort with Assad himself, to contain the uprising by any means possible.

To justify its massacres, the IRGC videotaped unknown assailants supposedly attacking Assad's security men and showed it on Syrian National TV; then it ordered the Ministry of Interior on Thursday, again with Assad's acquiescence and approval, to issue a declaration of war against the Syrian people. On Friday April 8, 2011, the IRGC ordered its own elements, in addition to a large contingency of Assad's security men, to massacre wholesale the peaceful demonstrators seeking freedom. It targeted the city of Dara'a because the IRGC deemed that breaking the people's will in Dara'a will demoralize the other cities.

"In essence, the IRGC now occupies Syria and has become its de facto ruler. Syria has become the 32nd Province of Iran." said Farid Ghadry of the Reform party of Syria. He added: "Iran is relying on the apathy of the west and its occupation with the events in Libya to achieve a new victory in its war against the people of the region".

The illegal and extremist governments in both Syria and Iran have embarked on an open war with the aim of first taming their own people to then inciting Arab leaders to kill their own people or those of others. The ultimate goal is to weaken their core and historical enemies.

What is Hamas terrorizing Israelis but a scheme by Syria and Iran to kill people, on both sides, they fought against historically? Why is the IRGC occupying Syria except to extend its violent reach and fundamentalist hegemony? What is Hezbollah but an organization created to kill any leader it deems threatening to the extremist religious doctrine it stands behind? Syrians, Lebanese, Iraqis, Palestinians, Israelis, and Americans are all being sacrificed by Syria and Iran for the ultimate goal of expanding the IRGC influence and its violent nature. Eventually, all the minorities of the Middle East will be subjected to the IRGC violent ordinance.

It is essential that the White House, and the leaders of the EU nations, issue a joint statement asking the Iranian Government to cease and desist in Syria. Absent their positive response, the international community, collectively, must enable the harshest of sanctions against both regimes that would deny them access to funds, technology, and military capabilities. The Syrian Accountability Act, already instituted, has yet to be fully implemented.

The IRGC occupying Syria will result in strategic disasters for the people of the region and will harm directly the interests of the EU and the U.S. There is a point when short-term commercial interests can no longer validate the erosion of the long-term strategic interests and RPS believes the world has reached that point with Syria and Iran.

RPS also urges the international community to continue its support for freedom the people in the region are aspiring for, be it the Syrian Revolution or the Green Movement of Iran.

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