Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cham - Dara - snipers are continuing criminality Security 04/08/2011 شام - درعا - قناصة الأمن مستمرون بالإجرام 8-4-2011

Dara'a. A dramatic Video of young men being shot by snipers and the injured being dragged to safety by others. Several casualties could be seen in the distance. In another unconfirmed story, Syrian Interior Minister called Sheikh al-Sayassneh, the Imam of Al-Omari Mosque, and threatened to wipe Dara'a off the map if the people do not stop their demonstrations. Supposedly, Al-Sayassneh told him to wipe it off and hanged the phone in his face. And another Video of a night demonstration by its people.

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