Friday, April 15, 2011

Damascus: 500,000 have gathered in the Abasseen Square

Via Reform Party of Syria,
Damascus. Claims that up to 500,000 have gathered in the Abasseen Square. Heavy security men presence firing in the air and some Syrians on Facebook are claiming they heard a strange non-Damascene accent. Tear gas is being used heavily to stop people from reaching the square located in the center of Damascus.
Damascus. Citizens of Douma and Harasta are on their way to join those in the Abasseen Square. This is a major event.

Al-Rastan. A Video of Assad's Statue being burned and broken into pieces.

Updates off Facebook:
عــــــــاجل ::: مؤكــــد ::: وصلنا الخبر من درعا أنه تم إنقلاب الجيش في درعا على عناصر الأمن ورجال المخابرات وتمت مواجهات بينهم وأسفرت عن هروب عناصر الأمن والمخابرات عن درعا, والآن رجال الجيش الشرفاء يشاركون أهالي درعا الأبطال طعامهم في الشوارع,,,أكــــــــــــيد,,,
برجاء التعميم والنشـــــــــر كاملاً وبدون تقطيع, وشـــــــــــكراً
URGENT::: sure::: we got the news of the shield was the military coup in a shield on the elements of security and intelligence officers were clashes between them and resulted in the escape of the elements of security and intelligence for a shield, and now the military honorable involved people of Dara Champions food in the streets,,, sure ,,,
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