Tuesday, April 19, 2011

La tyrannie de la pénitence

Posted without guilt for forcing you to google translate, or your dictionaries.

An excellant post by Wilfred M. McClay, The Moral Economy of Guilt.

I've only begun to process it and McClay deserves a few readings but this question ...considering a subject largely neglected by historians: the steadily intensifying (though rarely visible) role played by guilt in determining the deep structure of our lives in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries merits an army of Phds at work.

Guilt and very bad things done out of guilt explains much of the last 100 years (and a good deal of today's Unitarian Universalism). It all started in the Great War and the need among many who survived to share in the suffering. We've been unwinding the response to the carnage of 1914-1918 ever since and sadly produced much carnage in response.

More on this to come.

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