Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The lastest update on Syria from the Reform Party of Syria

Dara'a. No one really knows what is happening inside the city. It is shut tight by the authorities with communications and electricity interrupted. Borders with Jordan have also been sealed. An eyewitness told al-Jazeera that 8 tanks reached the center around al-Omari Mosque and that he saw 8 bodies on one side of the Mosque litter the street. The regime, after seeing that armed "infiltrators" is not sticking, has switched to armed Salafis to excuse their atrocities in Dara'a. Using Salafis is intended to strike fear into the hearts of the minorities, which is an indicator Assad no longer enjoys their support and is trying desperately to keep his faltering coalition together.  One of the first Videos to show the tanks entering Dara'a.

Syrian Army. First Video of an eyewitness telling al-Jazeera of a mutiny and how it happened. He said that when units from the 4th army refused to collect the injured, some in the 5th army started shooting at them.

Syrian Army. BBC Arabic just confirmed that several units in the Syrian army have split and are fighting with the people. 

US Embassy in Damascus. US State Department has requested that all non-essential personnel at its Embassy leave Syria. The request also covers all dependents of essential personnel.

Homs. Thousands are on the street in support of Dara'a.

Talzhab. The first time this town, located between Tartus on the coast and Hama in the western region of Syria. is demonstrating in support of Dara'a. 

Hassakeh. Student at the Agriculture School are out in force in support of Dara'a, the city that started it all and that Assad keeps taking revenge against.

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