Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Reform Party of Syria: Syrians are on the Move (175)

Starving the People. Both Banias and Dara'a are reporting that security men have emptied both cities from all flour and food necessities with the intent of starving people to submission. 

Izra'. A new city joins the Revolution. Unconfirmed reports that a police car has been set on fire and security men descended upon the city in large numbers. Heavy fire was heard and one death is reported. The city is located about 75kms Northeast of Dara'a.  

Al-Jazeera. A long Video reporting events in Syria and airing many of the videos RPS has been distributing. The best part was a confrontation between Khalid al-Aboud, an MP Assad hack, and al-Jazeera lady broadcaster. If arrogance had a face, watch this man and squirm. In many ways, he has become the Syrian opposition best friend on the inside. 

How Useless is Useless. The Arab league has been silent on the atrocities of Assad  to the point that Syrians traditionally supportive of their mission are starting to curse them on Facebook. Syrians are learning slowly what it means to be ruled by an Arab unelected ruler.

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