Saturday, April 23, 2011

Roger L. Simon » Syria: What PJMedia is doing

Roger L. Simon » Syria: What PJMedia is doing
Friday night, PJM published some extremely graphic videos from Syria. They are so extreme that one commenter on YouTube even wondered if we were hacked.
We have not been. We published these videos, horrifying as they are, because we must bear witness to what is going on at this moment in Syria. The history of the last century had many monsters – Hilter, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot – all of whom were mass murderers of their own people. Another such person- active at this very moment – is Bashar al-Assad of Syria. He must be stopped before he murders more,
Therefore you must excuse us for publishing these graphic videos. It is our duty. And it is all our duties to stop this man.
We are working with Farid Ghadry of the Syrian reform movement in bringing this information to you. We salute Mr. Ghadry for his courage. We will continue to work with him as long as this humanitarian crisis continues.
On top of virtually viewing carnage real time, I tweet with the protestors in the streets (or awfully close) and translate their Arabic (or my English) with google-translate.

Assad's regime using dumb-dumb bullets now and the wounds horrific. I've stopped watching. I was getting numbed.

Update: A Letter to Pajamas Media
As Syrians continue to be at the receiving end of Assad's terror machine, the Reform Party of Syria, with all its base of support inside and outside Syria, would like to thank the management of Pajamas Media for choosing these difficult times to provide us with a platform to expose the atrocities committed against our people.

Special thanks to Mr. Roger Simon, Mr. Richard Pollok, and Mr. Aaron Hanscom and all the staff at Pajamas Media.

With freedom in Syria, the Levant region would benefit by holding those in power accountable to their people. Accountability is an enabler for peace and a destroyer of rampant terror.

April 23, 2011

RPS Leadership, Members, and Supporters

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