Friday, April 29, 2011

Syira: Friday's Day of Anger

News of Friday's Day of Anger has been much more intense than RPS has reported so far. The areas that have risen exceed 150 in about 20 different cities and town including Damascus and Aleppo. We will list all the areas as soon as we can.
Dara'a. Urgent SOS. al-Jazeera is reporting that tens of thousands heading to lift the city's siege have been attacked with live ammunition. People are urgently asking for international help. many Syrians young have died RPS is told.
Homs. A great Video of young Syrians getting shot at but still are persistent and some even venture in the open to defy the snipers. Some shout "The Ba'ath Building" to point to where snipers have stationed themselves. The Ba'ath Party is dead in Syria. Another good Video shot today of the people's anger against the Assad regime. Their pictures are utterly destroyed.
Escaping Syria. Some Arab newspaper are reporting that Assad security men have started to send their families to international destinations. 
Latakya. Unconfirmed report of 5 Syrians massacred in the city with many more injured.
Damascus. Demonstrators from different Mosques, Zein al-Abedeen, Zein bin Tabet, and Hassan, are fusing into one large demonstration. The Baltajieh and the security men have attacked the demonstrators almost immediately. A Video taken earlier of young men marching in the Midan area. The chant is "Let's march on Mazzeh" The Mazzeh region of Damascus is the nerve center for the security apparatus of Assad.
Inkhil. A powerful Video of children carrying signs to draw attention to the siege of Dara'a. The signs show drawings of milk, water, communications, bread, etc.. all cut off from the city. The people are chanting "He who kills his people is the traitor".
Aleppo. A Video of a small demonstration that started from the Radwan Mosque.

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