Saturday, April 09, 2011

Syria Erupts

Via Reform Party of Syria.  Many videos.

Syria Erupts. Yesterday's large demonstrations across Syria and the ensuing massacres perpetrated by the Assad security men may have led to hundreds of victims (No official numbers yet) with hundreds more in injuries, detention, beating, and abuse. The regime has unleashed its terror directly against its own people in ways that remind us of the savagery and barbarism his father and uncle, Hafez and Rifaat, have done in the eighties against Hama. RPS has received a very important report from Syria to be published soon that will explain the killings and the bloodbath perpetrated against our people.

Interior Minister. Assad declared war on the Syrian people when the Interior Ministry issued a release in which it said :there will be no more mercy". What basis? A Video release by the government showing masked men with weapons. Assad created the scenario that gives him the right to kill his own people.

This is Assad. A dramatic Video showing savage beating of a helpless man in Dara'a.  Regime Supporters. Samira al-Mussalameh, a Ba'ath Party High official from Dara'a, accused the security men of the regime of yesterday's massacres. She has been forced to resign. Head of al-Bakkara Tribe, Nawaf al-Bachir, ardent supporters of Assad, told AFP Assad is given one more chance  to stop his bloodbath. Tactics. Security men are dropping weapons in the street hoping someone pick them so their snipers kill them and high-definition cameras film the event.
Statues. A Video of a Syrian taking down the head statue of Hafez al-Assad.
Aleppo. The only city yet to rise. Conspirators amongst Syrians lay claim to food poisoning by the wholesale merchants of Aleppo.
Damascus. A Video of a demonstration in Modamiyeh , the outskirts of Damascus. Chant: "We Want Freedom, Muslims and Christians."
Latakya. Its people, as shown in this Video, are still revolting even after all of the terror the city has been subjected to.
Homs. A Video showing yesterday's uprising. People chanting "The people want to topple the Regime".
Idlib: A Video of demonstrations in Idlib, North of Syria.
The White House. Strong condemnation by president Obama. Thank you but Assad could care less about words.

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