Monday, April 18, 2011

Syrian Reform Party: Urgent SOS about Homs

URGENT. SOS. Homs. The commanders of Maher al-Assad's 4th Army have called all the Sufi Sheikhs in Homs and threatened them with annihilation of the town if they do not stop the demonstrations.  Scores of tanks have been observed entering Talbisseh, suburbs of Homs.  The people of Homs fear that Assad may unleash his heavy cannons unto the population the way his father did unto Hama. PLEASE CONTACT ANY PERSON OF INFLUENCE AND LET THEM KNOW HOW DIRE THE SITUATION IN HOMS IS. A GENOCIDE MAY BE COMMITTED TONIGHT.
Talbisseh. The town has been surrounded by security men. Four tanks and Syrian army units have been observed as well. Assad wants to punish the town for destroying his father's statute. 
Homs. This Video showing people demonstrating in Homs today.
Latakya. First Video where the chants are in English "Baschar Go Away" and "We Want Freedom". Shot in Latakya last night.

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