Friday, April 15, 2011

Syrians are on the Move (192)

Maybe today is the day,

Syrians are on the Move (192)

Homs. A Video showing people running as shots are fired.

Syria. A series of Videos showing today's demonstrations across many regions in Syria. 

Ain-Al-Arab/Kobani. Thousands are out in force and no security men yet in sight. The same situation in Afreen.

Damascus. A Video of a demonstration at the Shamsi Bacha Mosque.

Amouda. A Video of the demonstrations today in Amouda, Northeast of Syria.

Dara'a. Tens of thousands are demanding the fall of Assad. 

Qamoshli. A Video of the demonstration this afternoon in which the Christian community participates according to the videographer.

Samir Nashar. A pro-democracy activist just asked Assad to resign on BBC Arabic.

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