Sunday, April 17, 2011

Syrians are on the Move (201) - Post Assad demonstrations

Below via Reform Party of Syria
With today's massacres, it is certain Assad deceived the west with his speech while his security men continued massacring our people. 
Post Assad's Speech. Homs. A dramatic Video of security forces seen at the end of the street in the Talbisseh suburbs of Homs suddenly firing their weapons and the people running for cover.  Al-Jazeera reported 4 people dead. Syrians on Facebook are reporting 17 dead in Talbisseh and 10 in Bab al-Seba'a, also a suburb of Homs. A Video of empty shells littering the street in Bab Seba'a.  An eyewitness on al-Jazeera said that the security forces that attacked in Talbisseh were bearded, which may indicate they are either Hezbollah or IRGC forces. 

Post Assad's Speech. Latakya. Heavy fire heard in the Suleibeh and Tabyat areas of Latakya. Some reports claim up to 10 have died and people have retreated to the Rahman Mosque. The people were chanting for regime change. Unconfirmed reports of private cars burning, which, if true, Assad will accuse the people with to justify the killing. Situation is dire in Suleibeh. 

Post Assad's Speech. Al-Rastan. Up to eight people may have died today (Unconfirmed) according to Flash TV (F.N.N.). Another report confirms 3 dead. 

Post Assad's Speech. Homs. A Video of another demonstration. Two chants: "Baschar you Coward, Take your Army to the Golan" (Talking about back firing when you press for Mukawama) and "The people Want to Topple This Regime". Hear that AP?

Post Assad's Speech. Homs. Syrians are asked to surround the local hospital to prevent security men from hauling the injured to detention centers. Blood donation is also urgently requested.  

Post Assad's Speech. Banias. A Video of a large demonstration in Banias today. 

Post Assad's Speech. Moadamyeh. Shots are heard in this suburb of Damascus. UNCONFIRMED.

Media War. Every time Syrian TV airs lies, the Syrian opposition almost immediately responds by either showing videos or by video taping a witness. The information is immediately posted on YouTube or Facebook to reach millions, including international media offices and reporters.

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