Thursday, April 21, 2011

Syrians are on the Move (214)‏

Instances of sectarian language of hate against the Shia and the Alawites is on the rise on the Syrian pages of Facebook. 

Whether these pages are operated by the Assad regime whose agents want to intentionally ignite sectarianism or whether they are actually posted by Syrian Sunnis whose hearts are full of rage, RPS condemns this kind of language and anyone who proposes to deliver hate against someone on the basis of religion or race. 
We are all one people with one message: Freedom. Let us all stick to this message and embrace any Syrian who embraces it.  

We told you so. Yesterday, lawyer Fadel al-Faisal asked the Governor of Hassakeh to accord him a permit for a peaceful demonstration as per the new law decreed by Assad. Today, the Air Force Security asked him to present himself at their branch in the city and he has yet to return. Air Force Security gets involved only in very serious national security matters.  

Homs. The tragedy of the city lies in some 650 injured with many more missing.  There is very little medical attention given to those injured even though doctors have returned to the hospitals and many of the injured came out of hiding during a period of negotiations between the regime and the elders of Homs in regard to tomorrow's demonstrations.  Assad wants the demonstrations halted, or at least no calls for "regime change" and the people of Homs are refusing. 

Suburbs of Damascus. Darya and Moadamyeh are both surrounded and blockade have been erected to search any one who gets in or out. 

Damascus. Using a blockade, any cars arriving from Dara'a with only young men as passengers is being forced to go back.

Tadmur. A Syrian army officer named Omar Ibrahim al-Kanawi was killed by the regime and delivered to his family saying unknown elements have killed him. His uncle, also an officer in the Syrian army accused directly Baschar al-Assad for killing his nephew while standing in the middle of the cemetery during his burial. Today, 4,000 people are out demonstrating against the regime angered over the killing of one of their sons. More importantly, this kind of killing of Syrian army officers will eventually bring rebellion to the Syrian army itself. 

The Plan. In Damascus, Syrians are asked to converge on 3 different squares: The Abasseen, the Omayyad, and the Sabh' Buhairat. The convergence will come through multiple arteries (coded messages) in every instance to spread Assad's forces across many areas. Some in Damascus believe Assad won't use snipers against the marchers in the capital but RPS is not sure of this assessment.

Coded Messages. Some Facebook pages have adopted the use of coded messages to send information the Syrian regime may not be able to decipher or when it does, it will be too late to react to. You will find these coded messages where locations, directions, and positions are required to start an event or direct demonstrators.   

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Assad Statute. Take a good look at this statute. Soon, it won't exist.

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