Thursday, April 21, 2011

Young Men confront a Tank in Banias Syria طفل يجابه دبابة عسكرية ويقطع عليها الطريق بانياس سوريا

The facebook posting was accompanied with this appeal.

Arabic to English translation
Urgent appeal to the people of Aleppo and its environs and all of the lives of the rest of the Syrian governorates of university students or employees or recruits

Peaceful demonstrations on Friday after the prayer of the mosques and squares of Aleppo

Three key arenas where students will stand a flag and delivering worshipers

Saadallah Al Jabri Square
Square President
University Square

Mosques following

University City - Radwan Mosque
Logo - Nur Mosque Martyrs
Kallaseh - Gamal Abdel Nasser Mosque
Iron Gate - Collector Alkltaoip
Collector Ala bin Hadrami - District Alsakhur
Neirab door - Abd al-Rahman mosque Badinjki
Aleppo, the new Assembly - Zahra Mosque Ka'b ibn Maalik
Palace - Collector llb
Salah al-Din - Mosque Saad bin Abi Waqas
Sports City - Bilal Mosque
Maysaloun - Collector Maysaloun
The headquarters of the prophets mosque
Institute and Mosque Shaabani
Hamidiya - Al-Ansar Mosque
Way - Al-Rahman Mosque
Mosque of Imam Al-Bukhari
Mosque Ahl Badr
The dawn of Islam Mosque
Mosque of Al-Ghazali
Collector Paradise
Area of ​​diabetes - Collector cranberries
Guensrin door - Collector Alkremiah
Orchard Palace - Imam of a mosque Badr
The sword of state - by the collector safe
Sulaymaniyah - Tawheed Mosque
Masharqa - Collector Hudhayfah ibn al-Yaman
Karam Alqatrgi - Ihsan Mosque
Facilitator - Othman bin Affan Mosque
Yaseen Mosque Haritan
Salah al-Din Mosque Ashrafieh
Mosque Abdullah ibn Abbas, dizziness valiant
Intercourse with the people of Badr Criterion
Aisha Mosque Roundabout Shehan
Evil deeds - Collector Malik bin Anas
Suhaib Rumi Mosque - the Albllirmon
Jamilla - friend Mosque
Conservative - Fath mosque
Nile Street - Aisha Mosque

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