Saturday, June 18, 2011

Proposed Action of Immediate Witness (AIW) on the Obama\Pelosi War Doctrine

Joel writes a nice post on the doctrine: The Obama/Pelosi Doctrine. He included a video of Pelosi explaining the new doctrine which has since been pulled back from YouTube.

I raised this on the UU Peace Making List Serv and a member assures me while the future of AIWs is unclear, GA could still offer one up this year.

So we shall see.

Footnote: I support what the Administration's doing in Libya although I'm queasy about the way they're going about it. I want the Administration to get far tougher with Assad in Syria. I'm certain though that if the Administration isn't upfront with the American people by making the case before Congress, than any action is in jeopardy for lack of support. So I'm quite willing to sign onto an AIW asking the President to respond to WPA and Libya.

Update: The Progressive's take...

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