Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Capitol Fax.com - Your Illinois News Radar » It’s not completely cut and dried

More from CapFax on Illinois terminating contracts with Adoption agencies to appease SSM advocates.

Capitol Fax.com - Your Illinois News Radar » It’s not completely cut and dried:

"Well, it’s actually not that simple. For a very long time now, Catholic Charities has had an agreement with the state that allows it to get around some government requirements
Before the civil unions law, DCFS and Catholic Charities had operated with the understanding that the agencies could refer co-habitating couples to other agencies.

So, it looks as if DCFS and the governor’s office have changed longstanding practice. However, the civil unions law did change the facts on the ground. That’s why it’ll be up to the courts to decide whether Gov. Pat Quinn’s administration has become radicalized, or whether Catholic Charities’ practices are so out of step with the law of the land that they cannot be allowed to continue in the foster care program."

Co-habitating couples meaning a man and a woman too.

Placing children in Homes ought to be one of the most discriminating things Illinois does. The State doesn't have uniform placement criteria. The Civil Unions law could have been written to allow Catholic Charities and other Faith Based to do their work. There were long standing rules in place for that to happen. But SSM advocates deliberately voted down that amendment. Gotta wonder if SSM is the goal here, or just some other weird agenda. Gays who think this kind of thing on AG Madigans part is going to grant affirmation or inclusion are woefully wrong.

It looks plain mean and it is.

Update: From a Southside Irishman's email to me: Catholics -my neighbors -are pissed. Everyone wishes Gays happiness and fulfilling partnerships, but no one should be force-fed bullshit and told that its ice cream.


Scott Wells said...

Sure, just prop up Catholic bias against gays and make it public policy. And add state funds while we're at it.

No way.

Bill Baar said...

It's a bias against unmarried men and women too which didn't seem to bother anyone.

Catholics have a morality on marriage.

There's no reason Illinois can't use Catholic Charities and still allow Civil Unions (Democrats couldn't even call it marriage which should say something).

Sure its a bias. A freely admitted one Catholics will argue.

It just seems cold hearted on Illinois's part to say it's mutually exclusive to Civil Unions.