Monday, July 11, 2011

Illinois Review: Illinois moves to shut down Catholic Charities' foster care and adoption services#more#more#more#more

Illinois Review: Illinois moves to shut down Catholic Charities' foster care and adoption services

This Letter seems hardly Standing on the Side of Love to me.


Rayne Van-Dunem said...

I can't say that no one saw this coming, and I agree that Illinois should part ways with Catholic Charities. Since the Charities in the diocese of Rockford have already said that they will not comply and have already begun winding down operations, other adoption agencies like the Youth Services Bureau of Illinois Valley are stepping in to replace the voluntary but partially-state funded services of the Catholic Charities.

I mean, I'm not going to say "Defund Everything" as has been the current meme for a lot of people, but the freedom to discriminate against patrons on arbitrary grounds should, in my opinion, come with a price, as does discrimination in employment.

Bill Baar said...

Seems to me placement of Children calls for the upmost kind of discrimination. One man, one woman hardly a radical thing.

There are no uniform placement criteria required by Illinois.

AG Madigan is just going after Faith Based outfits with traditional views.

That doesn't mean Same Sex couples can't adopt.

That doesn't mean other agencies can't use criteria that allow placement to single parents or same sex parents.

This is just Illinois Progressives targeting traditionalists 'cause they don't like them.

It's pretty gross because the Traditionalists the carrying ones here.

Steve Caldwell said...

Bill ... Hemant Mehta (blogger at has already blogged about this:

"Secular Adoption Agency Takes In Children the Catholic Church Doesn’t Care About"

Illinois didn't shut down the Catholic Charities foster care and adoption organization. The Roman Catholic Church's diocese leadership decided that their religion-derived discrimination was more important than continuing to help children.

At least the Youth Service Bureau of Illinois Valley has stepped in to help these children.

Bill Baar said...

They sure did shut it down. Read their letter.

CC had a long standing agreement with DCFS that they would refer cohabiting unmarried couples.

Civil Unions comes along (which Illinois Progressives lack the courage to call marriage) and AG Madigan goes after Faith Based groups, yanks the long standing understanding on cohabitation, and shuts down the program.

The heck with the kids.

This is cold blooded politics. A sop to Illinois Progressive gone sour on Gov Quinn.

That's all this is.