Saturday, July 30, 2011

Over to You, Harry | Power Line

Over to You, Harry | Power Line:

If budgets are moral documents then what to make of this?
"One of the little-known features of Harry Reid’s “compromise” proposal–no detailed version of which exists–is that it would “deem” budgets to have been enacted for fiscal years 2012 and 2013. In that event, our government would go a full four years without a lawful, statutory budget being in place. Today, the Republican members of the Senate Budget Committee sent a letter to Reid protesting this procedure. You can read the letter here. It says, in part:
This is an abrogation of the responsibilities of the Senate Committee on the Budget and the U.S. Senate. We were not elected to this body and chosen to serve on the Committee on the Budget to see most of the budget levels automatically set based on spending growth projections made by staff. It is this kind of process that has placed the country in a fiscal crisis.

While we have other objections to your proposal, we specifically ask that you remove this provision from your amendment and allow the Committee to fulfill its duties and responsibilities, as set out in law, by allowing the markup of a fiscal year 2012 budget resolution in Committee and, once adopted, its immediate consideration in the Senate.
You could say that the Democratic Party is fiscally irresponsible, but that would be an insult to irresponsible people everywhere."
Rev Dan Harper notes Liberal Christians AWOL on this debate. I'm not certain that's true, but then this sort of jump-through-a-mental-hoop tough act to accomplish.

Best stay home.

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