Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Blue Partisans Shorten The Lines | Via Meadia

Blue Partisans Shorten The Lines | Via Meadia:

Mead on the Liberal Echo Chamber. The comment on Kerry really strikes home for me. I was on the Grinnell 76' Listserv after Dean lost Iowa and listened to the disappointed Dean supporters cheer themselves on Kerry's War Recrod. I suggested they recall Winter Soldier and Kerry at the Senate Hearings. I had vivid recollections of those moments, and knew they would reopen to some very bad times. Worse, the VVAW guys still left in Chicago had a cycnical attitude about Kerry too. Kerry talking Vietnam was a mess in the making.
"To the extent that they think about it — as opposed to simply letting their little lights artlessly shine — liberal journalists seem to think that acting like cheerleaders strengthens their team. It doesn’t. That more conservative candidates and causes face hostile media scrutiny that liberal lions don’t makes the conservatives tougher and more battle tested. It can ground their political calculations more securely in reality; if there are any gaping flaws in conservative arguments, programs or personnel, they can be reasonably sure that a vigilant mainstream media will point them out in great and loving detail.

This is not always a blessing, but surprisingly often, it is. More hostile media scrutiny would have convinced Senator John Kerry that his Vietnam record could not anchor his presidential campaign. It would have made then Vice President Gore much more aware of what a liability it is that so many voters heard him as condescending and elitist. It would have alerted President Obama to the critical flaws in the congressional porkfest loosely but inaccurately referred to as a ‘stimulus package’. It would have let the greens know that their carbon treaty concept was an obvious flop before they wasted precious time and money on a decade long unicorn hunt."

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