Tuesday, August 02, 2011

The Comforting Life of Ideological Fanatics « Commentary Magazine

The Comforting Life of Ideological Fanatics « Commentary Magazine:

Peter Wehner on Hendrik Hertzberg's faith-based political-economics.
"This is sheer nonsense, of course. But Hertzberg’s comments are instructive. Rather than take into account the economic (and empirical) failure of Obama’s Keynesian approach, those who take a dogmatic, faith-based approach to American politics engage in intellectual contortions in order to try to innoculate their ideology from damage. People like Hertzberg begin from what is, for them, an unassailable proposition: liberalism is right because it is right and so it can never be wrong. And what happens when, by any objective standard, liberal policies fail? The problem is, they weren’t sufficiently liberal.

There are certain advantages to this approach. Those whose minds are obdurate and canonical –regardless of the philosophy they hold — don’t need to grapple with inconvenient facts. They have a reflexive response to every set of facts that challenges their worldview: ignore the facts. This doesn’t help one ascertain the truth. But it does avoid the hard work of facing up to the false assumptions on which their intellectual structure rests. Call it the comforting life of an ideological fanatic."
Liberalism fearful of reflection on reality. Liberalism that's given up on pragmatism. Liberalism gone scelerotic. That's what faith based's wrought.

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