Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Obama Gets a Blank Check for Endless War - Reason Magazine

Obama Gets a Blank Check for Endless War - Reason Magazine:

I think I've predicted the course of the Administration pretty well. My only surprize is I thought I'd be defending the Administration more over foreign policy by now. Turns out, no one cares. At least no one anti war cares. That's a surprize.
"It all raises at least two related questions. First, where arethe antiwar protests? And second, where is the press?

In a phone interview, thenational coordinator of United forPeace and Justice, which organized some of the largest antiwarprotests during the Bush administration, Michael McPhearson, saidpart of the explanation is political partisanship. A lot of the anti war protesters, he said, were Democrats. “Once Obama got intooffice, they kind of demobilized themselves,” he said.

“Because he’s a Democrat, they don’t want to oppose him in thesame way as they opposed Bush,” said Mr. McPhearson, who is also aformer executive director of Veterans for Peace, and who said he voted for President Obama in 2008. “The politics of it allows him more breathing room when it comes to the wars.”"

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