Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Rev Morales avoids the can

The judge in Phoenix has just ruled that all 13 defendants would receive no further punishment. Each of us was sentenced to one day in jail with credit for time already served. No probation. No fines. We will issue a statement from the UUA soon.
via his Facebook

Talk about a useless gesture on Rev Morales part. Without much punishment, there's not much statement.

How about a plan for growing UU Churches instead?


Robin Edgar said...

I do not waggishly call such ersatz "civil disobedience" in the pursuit of media attention Civil Dis-O-BDSM for nothing Bill. . .

Civil Dis-O-BDSM = Relatively Safe, Questionably Sane, Entirely Consensual Bondage & Discipline Seeking Media-attention

Bill Baar said...

If the power-that-be in AZ such tyrants, it seems an outburst worth 30 days or more would have been in order. Seems to me our Good Rev weenied out on speaking truth to power.

Just as well, now he should get back to the business at hand re: our failing churches.

Robin Edgar said...

He won't. . .

Nor will UUA Moderator Gini Courter and the UUA Board of Trustees AFA*I*AC.

But we are very much on the same wave-length here Bill. President Morales' ersatz "civil disobedience" is proverbial "spit-in-the-bucket" and every minute that he and other UUA administrators spend on such public posturing is time that they are not spending dealing with serious problems that affect the UUA and U*U congregations. President Morales, Gini Courter and UUA Trustees etc. do have the power and influence to redress internal U*U injustices & abuses but refuse to do so. . .

Robin Edgar said...

: it seems an outburst worth 30 days or more would have been in order.

Indeed the "one off" nature of the protest underlines the fact that it had more to do with reaping media attention than effectively protesting against Joe Arpaio and SB 1070. U*Us and other activists *could* have had a sustained protest in front of Joe Arpaio's police station that lasted weeks and even months by having a rotation of a few protesters there every day, or at least once or twicw a week, but have not done so to my knowledge.

Robin Edgar said...

Check this out -

Defendant Salvador Reza stated the defendants are not guilty of anything for fighting for civil rights, as the trial was political, no less than the trials of the 1960s.


Salvador Reza seems to forget that there would not have been any trial at all if he and UUA President Morales and other anti-1070 protesters had not deliberately broken the law and then pleaded "not guilty" to charges that they were quite obviously guilty of. . . He is (unwittingly) right in one respect though, the trials were indeed "political" but only in the sense that he and President Morales et al used the trials to play politics.

Robin Edgar said...

Apparently, or perhaps I should say *reportedly* (and quite reliably so. . .), Sheriff Joe Arpaio has publicly invited UUA President Peter Morales and other anti-1070 protesters to enter into dialogue with him about illegal immigration.

The Associated Press reports that -

The sheriff said Morales and the other protesters are welcome to sit down with him in his office anytime to discuss illegal immigration.


It will be interesting to see how UUA President Morales responds to Sheriff Arpaio's invitation to dialogue but I am betting that he will refuse to do so.