Monday, August 01, 2011

Twitter campaign for Hama massacre حملة تويتر لزيادة الوعي عن مجزرة حماة

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Monday, 7-10 pm Central Time
3-6 am Syria Time

US Central - 7 pm
US Pacific - 5 pm
US Eastern - 8 pm
Algiers, UK, Tunis - 1 am
Amsterdam, Cairo, Madrid, Misrata, Paris - 2 am
Amman, Athens, Baghdad, Damascus, Doha, Makkah, Riyadh - 3 am
UAE, Tehran, Moscow - 4 am
Beijing, Hong Kong - 8 am
Sydney - 10 am

Follow @reemasaurusrex @nora0315 @GotFreedomSY @BintElHara and retweet their tweets during the event!

Thanks to the brilliant @BSyria and @LeShaque for coming up with the hashtag #RamadanMassacre

PLEASE CREATE 20 NEW TWEETS WITH THE #RamadanMassacre HASHTAG MINIMUM PER HOUR DURING THE EVENT! We don't mind if you copy/paste our tweets, but NEW TWEETS ONLY can trend a topic. Feel free to tweak ours a bit.

الرجاء انشاء 20 تويت مميز خلال ساعة كل ساعة ابتداء من الساعة 3 صباحا حتى الساعة 6 صباحا على توقيت سورية. والرجاء اضاافة
الى نهاية كل تويت hashtag #RamadanMassacre


In 1982, Hafez Alassad killed over 40,000 civilians in Hama in one week. The world was completely unaware. Everyone remained silent and let Hama die.

RIGHT NOW his son, Bashar Al-Assad, is attempting to repeat history. He has threatened a repeat of the massacre of 1982. On Sunday, the day before Ramadan, Assad's army stormed Hama with tanks, bombs, snipers. They killed 150 within hours, and the numbers are still rising.

EXTREMELY GRAPHIC:​ch?v=0UnD8g8ITig&feature=r​elated

THis 7 month old was KILLED by Assad forces. What is her crime???

In 1982, 40,000 were killed because nobody knew.
Today, we KNOW. We have no excuses. We will not stand silent and watch a repeat of 1982.

You are now aware. You are responsible for what you know. Are you going to try and erase these videos from your memory and pretend they never happened, or will you stand against injustice and join is in preventing a repeat of 1982????

Please join us in raising awareness by tweeting using the hashtag #RamadanMassacre. We want to get it trending to raise awareness and pressure news organizations and worldwide governments to take action!

In order to get this to trend, we need at least 10,000 original tweets per hour. We can do this please help us by inviting all your friends!!!

Monday, 7-10 pm Central Time. It is very important we all do this at the same time. It only takes a minute. Please look at the comments below to see what time this event is in your area!

We have compiled a list of over 200 tweets with #RamadanMassacre in them and we plan on using those throughout the time window above.

These are some of the examples that we have but we'll have a lot more:

#Assad has NO limits. If the world remains silent, #RamadanMassacre may be worse than #Hama massacre of 82 where 40,000+ killed in one week!

What yould you do if this was your family member?????? #RamadanMassacre #Hama #Syria

40,000 killed in #Hama in 82 cuz nobody knew, use #RamadanMassacre to raise awareness & prevent today from being repeat of 1982. #RT #Syria

#Syria: #Hama was scene of 82 massacre when Assad's father sent troops to crush city, killing 40,000+ people. #RamadanMassacre

When #Assad said reform, he really meant #RamadanMassacre. #Hama #Syria

#HamaMassacre in 82=40,000 killed. #RamadanMassacre today over 100 killed already. Stop history from repeating itself. #Assad must go.

40,000 killed in 82 in #Hama. If you don't want this to happen again today RT #RamadanMassacre #Syria

Thank you for standing up for human rights in Syria! We appreciate all the help and support!

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