Monday, September 19, 2011

Chicago FBI chief: al-Qaida still ‘obsessed with airplanes’ - Chicago Sun-Times

via the Sun TimesChicago FBI chief: al-Qaida still ‘obsessed with airplanes’ - Chicago Sun-Times:
In October 2010, explosives hidden in printer cartridges were pulled off of airplanes in England and the United Arab Emirates after intelligence officials were tipped off that the packages were on board.

The packages, sent from Yemen, were addressed to former Chicago area synagogues bearing the names of historical figures as a way to “stick it in their eyes” if the blown up remnants were found, Grant said. President Obama’s counterterrorism adviser has called the devices “very sophisticated,” and officials believe the Yemeni faction of al-Qaida is behind the plot.

It was foiled after information came in from a “foreign intelligence source, a human,” who warned that there were bombs on the two planes, Grant said.
One of these former Chicago area synagogues was Chicago's Second Unitarian which had hosted a gay friendly Jewish congregation in the past.

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