Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hope Redefined: Unitarian or...?

Via Hope Redefined, Hope Redefined: Unitarian or...?:

From a thoughtful post. I can't comment over on the blog because of some weird quirk with a new version of IE I'm using. Rev Charles Lyttle once suggested our Church would be better titled the First Liberal Church rather than Unitarian Universalist Society and I suspect he was right. Liberal relgion far easier to explain than either Unitarian or Universalist religion.
As it stands now, I find such debates de-motivating - partly because the debate is over. Organised Unitarianism in Britain, as it is in the United States, is firmly on track to either a new Post-Christian era or extinction - probably a mix of both. There maybe the odd rural or small town Unitarian congregation here and there that maintains a Christian identity and programme of worship, probably in the gentle, liberal mould of Martineau more than the radical, forward-running mould of Channing et al. But in the bigger cosmopolitan cities I think we'll see the Religious Humanists, Buddhists and Neo-Pagans - in my experience a bit younger and more assertive - take the lead, actively seeking to 'evolve' from the liberal, rationalist Christian roots of Unitarianism.

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