Thursday, September 15, 2011

When love walks in the door, judgment crawls out thewindow

A quote via The Spectator. Adownside of standing on love's side.The American Spectator : The Democrats' Chronic Leadership Shortage:
Democrats love to fall in love with their leaders. Although love is the most wonderful thing in the world, it can be brutal when it comes to judgment. A wise friend of mine once told me, "When love walks in the door, judgment crawls out the window."

Democrats clearly fell head over heels for Barack Obama. A lot of them have now fallen out of love with him and are scratchingtheir heads wondering, "What were we thinking? This guy is not whowe thought he was." The answer, of course, is that they were notthinking. They were love-struck. Especially when love is new you do not want to hear anything negative about your sweetheart. That might explain why Democrats so often make choices they subsequently regret.

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