Sunday, September 25, 2011

Zainab Al-Husni RIPs

Via Free detainees... Zainab Al-Husni, murdered by the Assad Regime « The photos of this atrocity easily found on the net. They're too graphic for me to post.
Please share this tragic story of the young martyr Zainab Al-Husni, whose head, arms & legs were cut off by the Assad regime:

Zainab’s brother, Muhammad, was a well-known anti-Assad activist in Homs. While Muhammad was in hiding, his sister Zainab would go purchase groceries for the family, and on August 2, Zainab was abducted. Five days later, the family received a call that she would be returned only if her wanted brother surrendered. The family did not agree on the exchange location, and then the callers hung up the phone.

A month later, on September 13, the family received news that Muhammad was killed by security forces, and his body was at the Military Hospital in Homs, and also that an unidentified 19 year-old young woman was at the morgue.

At first, the family did not recognize Zainab. Her head was separated from her body, her face burned, her arms cut off at the shoulders, burns and bruises all over her body. The family was not allowed to receive Zainab’s body unless the signed that they would not post video of her body and that they would not hold a funeral procession.

If this story makes your blood boil with anger, then you will understand why the Syrian people have been literally dying to end this oppression.

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