Wednesday, October 12, 2011

4 illegals arrested in Decatur taken by ICE -

4 illegals arrested in Decatur taken by ICE -

I don't think UUs doing anyone concerned much of a favor pushing out stories of arrests of children, when as of the moment, this seems to be it in Alabama. I'd call ICE for confirmation, but at the moment per this story, their PO guy isn't taking calls.
Four people convicted in Decatur this week on misdemeanor charges under Alabama’s new Immigration law are now in the custody of federal authorities.

Immigrations and Customs Enforcement officials picked up the prisoners at about 7 a.m. Tuesday from the Decatur City Jail, said Sgt. John Crouch, a Decatur police spokesman.


They are the first people to be arrested under the new law. As of Tuesday, no other arrests had been made.ICE spokesman Temple Black said he was only authorized to answer questions via email and would not be able to respond to The Daily’s questions Tuesday, citing the volume of queries ICE has received from media in recent days. He said he would not be able to discuss specific cases.

Update: Posting stories about Children disappearing and genocide is pretty serious stuff. If you can't substantiate it, or at least name the School District involved so others can follow up,  then I think one really needs to do some soul searching. Really deep searching... 'cause this is going to hurt people.  Falsehoods do that.


JMP said...

I certainly believe that people should be treated with dignity and not abused, but I do not see why UU's think that people (where ever they are from) who enter the country illegally should not be deported. Everyone needs to face the consequences of their actions. I also question the accusations of the blogger that the USA is on the road to genocide. I left a comment there, too.

Bill Baar said...

Thanks JMP... the whole debate can't be built on a foundation of lies either. That's why it so critical to find out if this story of kids in the classroom even true.

I talked with the PAO at the Southern Poverty Law Center and she is checking up if the story is true. She's heard of it but would not confirm if it had happened, or was able to say what school district.