Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Articles: The Obama Problem

Articles: The Obama Problem:

Pelerin via The Thinker,
To understand Obama's loss in popularity, it is necessary to recognize that Barack Obama was a fluke. He was an unlikely candidate, pushed to his party's nomination as a result of the media. His election was another quirk, more aberration than achievement. The perfect storm virtually ensured that the Democrat candidate would win in 2008. It is not a strain to conclude that the mainstream media, rather than the electorate, put Obama into the highest office in the land.

In hindsight, a great mistake was made. Even the fawning media and the Democrat establishment now recognize that, although are unwilling to publicly admit it. Their behavior is analogous to refusing to discuss a friend's terminal illness in the hope that it will somehow go away.

The media and the Democratic Party are at risk if the tragedy they foisted on the nation continues. Their future is intertwined with the Obama Problem. Both sponsored him, and both may ultimately be held accountable. The battle so easily won in 2008 may cost them subsequent battles, if not the war itself.

Both know the risk. They just have no easy way of solving the problem.
I'm betting on no solution and the end of McGovern post-68 Progressivism/Liberalism as we've known it in the US. Short of war with Iran which we may well be headed into (really, we're already in it and have been for years), I don't see how Obama gets re elected and the whole experiement of the left comes down in the crash.

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Peter A. Taylor said...

In order for an incumbent politician to lose, you more or less need for a lot of people to admit that they made a mistake. It can happen, but it's rare. In order for the New Left to collapse politically, a whole lot of people have to admit that their claims of moral superiority were wrong. I'm afraid that most people would rather watch their neighbor's children be eaten by wolves than make such an admission.