Thursday, October 20, 2011


No bloody images on my blog. If he was executed, it was wrong and the administration ought to say so. Decades of history disappear with him too. I'd much rather have seen him comfortable somewhere, chatting away about all, and whom, he knew.

Update: It was an execution, and a US drone it seems that wounded him. Via The Telegraph: Gaddafi's last moments alive: Dictator begs for his life after being dragged from a drain. Seconds later he was summarily executed

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Amy said...

The right thing to do, as well as the intelligent one, would have been to arrest him and put him on trial. It's hard to blame any Libyan for just shooting him dead, but still.

I'm just basically saying "uh huh," but how often do I get to do that with your posts, Bill?

Bill Baar said...

Glad we agree Amy.

Robin Edgar said...

More like *minutes* later he was summarily executed Bill, but it *does* seem that the late Muammaer Gaddafi was indeed summarily executed, as I suspected was probably the case on reading the (somewhat garbled) initial Reuters report which said -

"His killing, which came swiftly after his capture near Sirte"

even before the videos, and still images, of Gaddafi's final minutes became available on the interconnected web of the internet.

Here is a link to my first Tweet about it.

Needless to say I would have preferred that Gaddafi had been kept alive and put on trial for his crimes against humanity etc.