Monday, October 24, 2011

John Ruskin Clark, D.D. , What's Wrong with Marcuse's One Dimensional Man? (And Occupy Oakland)

A repost below from 2010 and some of Zombie's images of Occupy Oakland.  Unitarian Universalists have been here before.

An interesting sermon on Marcuse (Marcuse's book published by Beacon Press too) delivered in Oct of 1968.  Marcuse the father of the new left and 1968 the marker year (for me) when Liberalism fell apart, and all the New Left "isms" and "ologies" took over.

Clark refutes Marcuse, but I think Clark lost the battle. An important discussion, because the reality of governing under Obama's forcing today's left into a similar reality-check as  Rev Clark confronted  in San Diego in the fall of 68 in Marcuse.

No Frankfort School Prof like Marcuse with an army of kids behind him today shouting the alternative at Occupy.

Not sure how this confrontation with life will turn out for today's left, but a Church with members as heavily invested in Obama is in for a real crack up.

I've heard the anguish, but blaming Glenn Beck won't resolve it.  It's contradiction internal to the ideology.  History's harsh dialectic getting ready to sift and winnow for the truth.  See if we're as fearless as the old Wisconsin Progressives.

Clark concluded,

The assumptions you and I make about the nature of man - whether he is autonomous or social; about society - whether it is dominating or a democracy of influences; about the validation of our choices - whether it is by our personal decision or by our capacity to survive; about the live-options for the future - whether they can entail freedom from the necessity for making  a living for all of us or whether productive work will continue to be a condition of survival; and about the means for inducing social change - whether it should be by revolution or evolution: the assumptions we make in these matter s will make all the difference about what happens in history.  And our assumptions had better be right, for upon them will depend what we leave our children.
Well, it's all in the hands of the Children now.  We're asked the questions again; and as Clark told us, we had better be right.

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