Monday, October 24, 2011

Marcyites and former Citizen of the Soviet State at Occupy Wall Street

Marcyites from Workers World tangle with a former citizn of the soviet state at Occupy Wall Street.


Robin Edgar said...

Everybody and his dog who has some form of economic justice agenda is likely to show up at Occupy (Fill In The Blank), including Unitarian Universalists seeking to gain a Photo-Op or two for the propaganda purposes of what The Oregonian once described as "The Church Of The Far Left". That in no way means that everyone participating in diverse Occupy Whatever occupations are rabid extreme left Socialists. Up here in Montreal members of "The Larouche Movement put in an appearance in the early stages of Occupy Montreal, complete with photos of U.S. President Barack Obama and Queen Elizabeth sporting "Charlie Chaplin" style moustaches if you catch my drift, even "hijacking" it to some degree with a proliferation of Larouche Movement picket signs and slogans that all but drowned out the messages of the original Occupy Montreal occupiers.

Bill Baar said...

Workers World and it's front group has taken more of hand organizing than LaRouchies do

Robin Edgar said...

It is not surprising that Socialists & Communists, or indeed "The Larouche Movement", would opportunistically seek to (ahem) *capitalize* on the Occupy Wall Street is it Bill?

AFA*I*AC There are "useful idiots" on both sides of the camera in that video. Both sides display ignorance and even just plain stupidity, although I will concede that the Socialists come out of it looking worse.

Do you feel that these UUA Trustees are "useful idiots" Bill?

Please answer this question here.

For the broken UU record... I personally consider these UUA Trustees to be quite useless idiots in that, according to UUA Moderator Gini Courter's online testimony, they spent much of last Saturday "Standing On The Side Of Love" at Occupy Boston, when they *should* have been sitting down inside The Place That Reeks Of Privilege & Hierarchy aka 25 Beacon Street working on long overdue, and just plain neglected and ignored, UUA Board business such as responsibly reforming the UUA's seriously flawed and "less than adequate" policies and procedures for dealing with clergy misconduct. Little did these lamentably useless U*U idiots realize that they had foolishly chosen the fate of actually becoming quite useful idiots working for The Emerson Avenger's "Cause De La Décennie"... :-)

Vive La RevolU*Ution!