Wednesday, November 30, 2011

U.S. Relations Have Soured Worldwide

Pete Wehener via Commentary, U.S. Relations Have Soured Worldwide:
Under Obama, we were supposed to see the flowering of diplomacy; what we’ve seen instead is a relentless (and welcomed) commitment to kill terrorists. As for the diplomatic failures we’ve experienced over the last three years, they cannot all be laid at Obama’s feet. The world is complicated; the problems we face are often vexing; and the United States cannot control how every country on earth conducts itself. Pakistan would be a tough nut for any statesman to crack.

Now in saying this, it should be pointed out, I’m extending significantly more grace and understanding to President Obama than he ever extended to his predecessor. Back when he was running for office, nothing was beyond Obama’s powers, or so Obama seemed to believe. Conflicts, intransigence and a burning hatred for America were easily fixable; the world would be as simple to shape as hot wax. After all, how difficult can stopping Iran’s nuclear program be for a man who said his election would heal the planet and reverse the ocean tides?

In Henry IV, Glendower says, “I can call spirits from the vasty deep.” To which Hotspur replies, “Why, so can I, or so can any man; but will they come when you do call for them?”

Obama has learned the hard way that he, like any man, can call spirits from the vasty deep — but often they will not come. And what then?
I'm not at all surprised Obama pursed terrorists relentlessly and in fact feared he'd do it recklessly with plenty of collateral damage. That's not been the case with drone wars. The final piece yet to come though with Iran. That's coming to a head sooner rather than later.


JMP said...

There were things Bush did that soured international relations too. In fact, this has been going on since the U.S. decided to be the policeman of the world. I voted for Obama, hoping that he could turn us away from the wars of empire, but no; he and his fellow Democrats have continued on the warpath, and have done nothing to restore our civil liberties taken away by intrusive laws deemed to be necessary to fight terrorism. I have returned to my previous belief that we really have a one-party system that pretends to offer two choices, rendering voting an useless act.

FYI--I'm non-interventionist and do not consider myself either conservative or liberal (which nowadays seems to mean "progressive", however that is interpreted in the modern world) and I tend to resist labels but lean toward a classical liberal/libertarian viewpoint, always subject to change with new information.

Bill Baar said...

Your one of the few UU's I've seen to call Obama on it JMP. I wrote on the UUPeaceMaking list about Obama's foregoing the War Powers Act on Libya and it was deafening silence.

Consider the silence in the UU Blogosphere on this one.

Way way too many UUs have succumbed to a reflexive Liberalism it seems, and a reflexive silence on acts that don't fit from Obama. At least among those UU's given to voicing there opinions on the net.

Imagine if the Bush Administration had announced a policy like this? UUA would be all over it.