Monday, December 19, 2011

Beauty Tips for Ministers » Elz Curtiss on Sacramental Energy

Beauty Tips for Ministers » Elz Curtiss on Sacramental Energy:
This raises questions about our openness on political and cultural issues. Do we really want to be as politically narrow as the Religious Right tries to be? Many of those congregations, by the way, are reconsidering whether that is the best way to serve their God and members, as people leave when their politics soften or change.
If the we means UUA, I'd say it's been pretty narrow for a while. As the last Century's Liberal Orthodoxy comes apart of its own contradictions (I'm no longer the Marxist but I still believe in History's dialectic), UUA will likely respond with more narrowness.

That said, the rant on yellow shirts forgets the critical importance of costume for that 1968 left that took over so much of UUism. Liberalism became drama and theater. Costume an important feature. The yellow shirts a rather mild 2012 update on a long standing habit.

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