Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Egyptian women march against military rule مسيرة المرأة المصرية ضد الحكم العسكري

This is huge...via Al Jezeera below,
Egyptian women have led a rally in Cairo against the army's treatment of female protesters.

Thousands took to the streets demanding the military be held accountable for their abuse of women.

On Saturday, a woman was stripped and badly beaten by Egyptian security forces, in an incident that was captured on camera and met with outrage around the world.

Al Jazeera's Sherine Tadros reports from Tahrir Square.

Update: via the BBC,
Yolande Knell BBC News, Cairo

"The daughters of Egypt are a red line," chanted the crowd of women as they marched through the streets of central Cairo close to Tahrir Square.

Hundreds of female protesters soon turned to thousands, with men linking arms to form a human chain around them. These women came from all walks of life - some with flowing hair and designer sunglasses, others in the niqab or full-face veil.

Many held aloft the photograph that has shocked Egyptians - a woman activist with her clothes ripped by soldiers to reveal her bra. "He who violates the honour of our girls cannot be entrusted with our country," said one sign.

This unusual sight has re-energised protests against military rule and prompted the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to make an apology for what it called "violations" - a sharp change from its previous dismissive approach to this abuse

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