Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday season celebrated — AustinTalks

Rev Covell needs to get the word out a bit more about what the handfull of UUs left in Chicago are doing.  I’m not sure the radio show on Progressive talk radio’s gonna do it.

Looks like a great party below though, in an Historic building housing a Church that didn’t flee.

by AustinTalks on December 18, 2011

Third Unitarian Church and Central Austin Neighborhood Association held a free holiday party last weekend that was a great opportunity to celebrate the season with our Austin neighbors!

Rev. Brian Covell of Third Unitarian Church

A family-focused service on “the Spirit of Christmas” was followed by a festive dinner in the church’s Robeson Room that more than 60 people attended.

The Rev. Brian Covell praised the work of the Central Austin Neighborhood Association, and CANA President Serethea Reid and her husband Ron described the year’s successes and their goals for the coming year.

Holiday season celebrated — AustinTalks

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