Thursday, December 01, 2011

New Poll: Should your Minister be blogging?

A new poll: should your Minister be blogging?

Considering what goes on the net, stays on the net; should your Minister be blogging?

Keep in mind Minister's image is huge, they move around, and UU Congregations can't be the most stable (or forgiving) of employers.  Ministers gotta be sensitive to their market.

Elaborate in the comments.  I haven't made up my mind one way or the other.  If I was a Minister, I probably wouldn't.  As a guy interested in growing his Church and addicted to this stuff, I appreciate how it might spread the world and bring in some new faces.  Consider things like tweeting the Diary of my Church's founding Minister: Augustus Conant.

Just as footnote:  I'm not suggesting a congregation forbid a Minister from blogging (although I've seen congregants express concern about opinions and how they would reflect on a Church), but would you advise a Minister to not blog out of concerns for their careers.


boston unitarian said...

Love the twitter diary!

Bill Baar said...

Give you any ideas BU?

Tom Wilson said...

It depends on the nature of the blog content. I have no patience for the apparent need of many on the net to blog or tweet the activities of their daily lives, and if that is their reason for blogging, please stop.

But if blogging is used as a medium for publishing essays, I don't see how that should affect their careers negatively (unless theire essays expose a lack of depth.)

Bill Baar said...

@Tom re: ...unless theire essays expose a lack of depth.

And that's a risk for a professional blogging in their own discipline. And a bigger risk for ministers because their dependent on a congregation to call (or not call) them to their Ministry.

If I were giving advice to someone coming out of School, I'd advise them to be very careful here.

I'm blanking on the name now, but I'm thinking of the blogger a few years back who was denied tenure at U of Chicago because of his blog. Not that he said anything so wrong, but just the act of blogging.