Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Occupy Wall Street | The Frontier Lab

A study here: Occupy Wall Street | The Frontier Lab about who is participating in Occupy.
From the Executive briefing,
The research reveals two segments of Occupy protesters, divided not along demographics but along their deeper reasons for supporting the protests. These two segments, the Communitarians and the Professionals, support the Occupy solution because it satisfies six core values—many which flow from a decrease in individual responsibility and a focus on present-day satisfaction. The Professionals come together with the Communitarians, capitalizing on the latter’s lack of meaning, purpose, and community in their lives, in order to achieve self-centered ends.

Key insights from the report:
• The Communitarians' deep values set includes Community, Purpose, and Security
• The Professionals' deep values set includes Prestige, Validation, and Control
• The promise and responsibility of ‘The American Dream’ do not overlap with either values set
• The most viable segment for conversion to other political movements are the Communitarians, because a sense of Community, Purpose, and Security can be more easily replicated

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