Monday, December 05, 2011

Peter Morales and denial

As always, Krugman is insightful. I find it especially troubling that so many Americans are in a state of denial.

--Rev Peter Morales on his FaceBook page today

The late Christopher Lasch, one of Hofstadter's students and an admiring critic, noted that by conducting "political criticism in psychiatric categories," Hofstadter and his intellectual allies excused themselves "from the difficult work of judgment and argumentation."

Lasch added archly: "Instead of arguing with opponents, they simply dismissed them on psychiatric grounds."

--E. J. Dionne A Wrong Turn Led to the 'L-Word

Laying the American people down on the couch, and pronouncing a dx of denial with the words of Enron's Economist no way to build Churches.

Over and over Political Liberals dismiss those who disagree on psychiatric grounds. No greater evidence that the real disorder lies in Liberal ideas themselves. Morales is denying the task of rebuilding Churches, Libeal Faith, and the nexus with Politics; in favor of slinging mud.

Not up to the hard work of judgement and augmentation.

Not the kind of Prez I argued sending our six votes for a few years back. No denial in me. My eyes wide open. The pathology self evident.

Update: Peter Beinart today writing the GOP's gone brainy. Get the feeling Liberals will go any which way: to attack lack of, or over abundance, of Conservative Smarts; instead of confronting reality...
Self-identified conservatives outnumber self-identified liberals in every state in the Union, according to Gallup. This is a problem for progressives, as governments reflect the views of the people who elect them. 
Political Liberals just can't convince more than a fifth of American voters their ideas worth much.

Telling the-people-who-elect they're in denial, bamboozled by Fox, hoodwinked by the 1%, or just plain yahoos no way to convince anyone of much of anything either; other than maybe the accusers a bit adrift themselves.


Peter A. Taylor said...

C. S. Lewis called this bulverism.

Bill Baar said...

On the button Peter, exactly!