Thursday, December 01, 2011

Poll Results: Is Unitarian Universalism a Prophetic Faith?

And the reults are in below,

2 (25%)

No, but we've had our Prophets
1 (12%)

No, but we Should be.
2 (25%)

No, and UUism's not a Faith either.
3 (37%)

I cast the one vote for No, but we've had our Prophets. My own Churches Rev Augustus Conant came to mind as a Prophet (The Desplaines Historical Society is Tweeting his Diary) Conant's abolitionism the prophetic side, but his focus on improvement of character and focus on the small and mundane moments of life (read the tweets for a taste of that) meant his faith was a lot more than a sweeping critique of the big picture.

I'm guessing the two votes for Prophetic Faith were UUs who see our Churches as a Social Justice Churches, and then one who thinks they should be. They'll have to elaborate, feel free in comments.

I understand where the three no votes are coming from, and understand why were not a Faith. I'd just argue faithlessness (and UU's free to be that way) is a faith itself. Again, please explain if I have that wrong.

Next poll will be on Whether or not your Minister should blog. It'll be up soon.

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