Monday, December 19, 2011

President Obama (and Rev Bill Schultz) shouldn't remain silent on Egypt

Update: That's a Youtube below with over 2 million hits. The majority of hits on my blog often from the middle east. We ought to say a little on their affairs 'cause they're certainly looking out on the net.

Rev Schultz ought reflect back on this one 'cause events proving contrary,
The military makes the difference. It takes nothing away from the courage and persistence of the protestors to acknowledge that in both Tunisia and Egypt, it was the military's refusal to turn on the people that ultimately guaranteed the success of the revolution.
There's Armies and there are Armies but Egypt's strikes me as more Industrial Enterprise than an institution to lead a badly needed deep reform.

الحقيقة وراء كل حد بيقولك فبركة و عامل فيها سيف الحديدي.................احب اقوله ان الفيديو for all who love egypt ...we respect u all...this video shows one of the heros of explain what happened later in egypt from the military towards egyptian people that only need freedom .....مبيكدبش

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